Recepies of the dishes posted in last post…

Continuing with the last post which was a picture post, here is the recipe of all the dishes mentioned there..

1. Baafla/Baati
Take wheat aata and mix some makke ka atta. Add a pinch of baking soda and some salt. Add oil/ghee .The amount of oil/ghee must be so much that when you take this mixture in your hand and squeeze it then it should be able to bind itself.
To this mixture add water and knead it like a regular dough .Make sure the dough is bit hard like the one with which we make poori.
Make small balls with this dough and flatten each ball in the Centre. This is done so that the aata gets cooked properly.
Take a vessel filled with water and keep it on the stove. Let the water boil. Once its starts boiling add the aata balls in it. Let it boil for some time.
The trick to know if it’s time to remove them from water is that the balls would have increased in size and would have kind of boils on the surface.
Remove the balls from water and place aside. In the meanwhile pre heat the oven (we use gas oven, no idea of electric oven).
Place these boiled balls in the oven and bake for sometime. Take another container and fill it with melted ghee. Once the baflas are cooked hold them in a cotton cloth and press it gently. It will slightly break. Now place it , in the vessel full of ghee. Leave it for sometime so that it absorbs the ghee.
Remove from ghee and your hot baafla are ready 
1. If the aata balls are not boiled and directly put in oven then it is called baati..This is the difference between baati and baafla.
2. Baati/Baafla tastes best when roasted in cow dung cake instead of roasting in oven

2. Mixed Daal:
Mix all the dry daal in a container (toovar/arhar,chana daal,green moong,white urad and black urad),add water ,salt and turmeric powder. Pressure cooker all the daals together. Once cooked mashed them with the back of the ladle.
In a small pan take ghee, heat it a bit and add heeng (asafoetida) ,chopped ginger ,jeera and red mirchi powder. Pour this on top of the cooked daal.
3. Baigan ka Bharta:
Take a big brinjal (there is a special variety which is used to cook bharta) cut it small pieces and pressure cooker it.Removing the skin is optional. I do not remove it as I like the blackish colour of the final product. Add very little or no water while cooking the brinjal.Once done mash the brinjals.You can use a hand blender for that but make sure it does not become very smooth.
In a pan add oil. Once its hot add jeera and when it starts to crackle add chopped onions,tomatoes,green chilies.Add spices like turmeric powder, red chilie powder and dhaniya powder.Mix well.Fry well,till it leaves oil .Now add the mashed brinjals. Add salt to taste and mix everything.The bharta is ready.
1. Alternately you can also roast the brinjal directly on the gas stove or in the dried cow dung cake. Make insertions on the brinjal with a knife or fork before roasting.
The skin of the brinjal will be removed automatically. Mash the brinjal and add raw onion, tomatoes and green chilies. Add salt to taste.
This version of bharta might cause itching in throat/mouth.

4. Kadhi:
The kadhi that goes with this platter is bit thin as compared to normal kadhi and bit sour. Also no pakoda is added to it.

Mix curd (make sure its sour) and besan together and whisk it properly, so that no lumps are formed. Add required amount of water to maintain the consistency.
In a pan add oil. Add mustard seeds, jeera and methi seeds. Once they start to crackle add asafoetida. Add turmeric powder and red chili powder. Add the curd+water+besan mixture.Add salt and add big pieces of green chilies. Bring this mixture to boil.

In a small pan add ghee,red chilie powder and whole dried red chilie .Add this on top the kadhi.Serve hot.

5. Green chutney:
Take a bunch of green dhaniya leaves, mint leaves, chopped raw mango,jeera,table salt, black salt, green chilies. Add some water.
Coarsely grind everything in the mixer.

Chatpati green chutney is ready 🙂


Rajashtani Thali…

Since mom is here daal/bafla was must to be cooked.This food make us drool.The trick is too have it for lunch.Later it will make you feel so heavy and only thing you will be able to do is to look for a place to sleep and go to hibernation.

Mom in action :-) Mom in action 🙂

The final platter sans gatte ki sabzi and churma The final platter sans gatte ki sabzi and churma

Salad.. Salad..

Thali is ready... Thali is ready…

I will post the recepies in the next post…

Makkai Aloo tikki

Long time back I had tasted this amazing starter in one of the restaurants here in Bangalore.I am not sure of the ingredients that went but it tasted yummy.
So this weekend when we were struggling what to have for breakfast I tried my hands on to this dish but modified it with my own recepie.I wouldnt say that the taste was same but it did taste good (yes this is self praising :-))


1.Boil potatoes ,peel and mash them.
2.Boil corn kernels
3.In boiled and mashed potatoes add corn and spices like salt ,red mirchi powder,amchoor powder and garam masala powder.
Also add green chilie,chopped mint leaves and green corriander leaves.Mix well .
4.Take a fistfull of this stuff make a ball of it and press gently to flatten it so that it takes the form of a tikki.
Make such tikkis with all the remaining stuff.
5.Roll the tikkis in Haldiram Aloo Bhujia.
6.In non stick tava add oil and shallow fry the tikkis.Alternately you can also bake the tikkis in oven.
7.Remove from the tava and sprinkle some chat masala and aloo bhujia on the top.
8.Serve hot with tomato ketchup/chutney.

1.In place of corn you can also add boiled and mashed lobiya.
2.In the mixture as per your taste you can also add onions and ginger garlic paste.

2013-02-23 10.08.43

Smile Please…

1. Military style chat in IT office:

Garima [11:20 AM]: using QC?

Waman Avadhani [11:21 AM]: yeah 5min

Garima [11:21 AM]: ok ping me wen u log out

Waman Avadhani [11:21 AM]: ok

Waman Avadhani [11:24 AM]: be ready!!!!!!

Garima [11:24 AM]: okk sir.1 2 3 get set go

Waman Avadhani [11:24 AM]: go now

Garima [11:26 AM]: mission accomplished. Successfully launched

Waman Avadhani [11:26 AM]:
great Jawan!!

Garima [11:26 AM]:

2. Of Sign Boards:

On the way our office there is a famous Nalli Silk Sarees store.
Just before the store there is a sign board which reads ‘Nalli Next’.Hubby read it and cracked a pj ‘aage naali* hai’ ye batane ki kya jaroorat hai 

*naali in hindi means drainage

3. Of sharp edged knives:

Few days back the conversation took place about ‘nazar’ and different belief that people have. Hubby was saying “kuch log dhaaru bhi rakhte hai apne pass*”

*Some people keep dhaaru with them*

Wondering what dhaaru is?

It is dhaar + chaaku =dhaar wala chakuu=dharu

Since he was speaking at lightning speed and hence pronounced it as ‘dhaaru’ 

4. My neighbor’s kid is 2 year old. He plays with me and likes to wear my slippers, drink juice from my glass. In short he is my tail.

Yesterday night he was playing with his tricycle so to tease him I said in my horrible kannada,

“Aayush naanu cycle backseat kudkolla*”
Since I was not sure of the right usage of the language I kept explaining him with all possible actions

*Aayush can I sit on back seat of your cycle

He looked at me and suddenly held his cycle and sped away quickly 

And I stand guilty..

On Monday 18th Feb we had our family day party in office. I dint attend the party but 2 of the girls whom I know had attended this function. One of them is married (S) and the other is single (J). They pinged me the link of the shared folder where they had kept pics of the event.
I shared the link with my team-mates. Later when I accessed the link to see the pictures I realized there were two folders one which had pics of J where she had gone to Pondicherry. The other folder had the pics of the family day even but it had photos only of J, her two friends S and her husband.
As soon as my teammates saw the pics they came to me and told me that S’s husband is so thin, he looks sick, not in good health etc.
I just dint know what to tell them. What they said was right but still I was not expecting them to discuss all this openly.
I felt so guilty. Another problem is this girl S is kind of flirt by nature and she openly flirts with one of my teammate and this guy told ‘Her husband looks so sick and lean, no wonder she tries to gain attention of other guys’.
Though what he said is true but still I dint like the way things turned out to be. I am feeling terribly guilty.
I should have first checked the pics before sharing the link but I dint do that as:
1. I had asked J for family day pics,so I was sure it would be general pics of the vent.
2. If she is sharing the link of the folder which is on office LAN then definitely it will not be something which is not meant to be public.
Whatever it is I stand guilty of all that happened 

(I so wanted to write a happy wala post..but first wanted to take this guilt out of me.Will soon write something happy happy wala post :-))

Down the memory lane…

Today I was bit disturbed though there is no reason behind it.
I was not able to focus on my work and for some unknown reason I logged into my gmail account and was going through the mail which was about RM coming to Bangalore.
I was so lost in reading that mail chain that I lost track of time but it really made me feel better.
There were two pics attached to that mail and I kept staring at it for a long time. It brought some kind of happiness .Felt good to see you all, felt like one big family.

Thank you ladies the blog meet not only made me then happy but even today it brought back happy memories and made me smile 