Few weeks back I was looking for auto rickshaw outside the daughter’s daycare ,with her in my arms and her bag and my office bag pack.We had tried out luck for some 10 autos but none agreed to drop us .

With great difficulty I managed to stop an auto and he agreed to drop us at our place,though he asked me to guide him through the routes.

On the way he simply started telling me that his 6 year old son fell down from terrace and had got a clot in brain.He took his son to Manipal Hospital (one of the most renowned private hospital in Bangalore).Since the treatment was very costly there,he shifted his son to government hospital.

He further said that he is basically an electrician but working as driver during night time to earn extra and that the auto is of his friend.He told me next day is the surgery and he has arranged money but running short by 7 k.If he is unable to arrange that amount and surgery will not be done and whatever money is collected will be wasted.

His son was partly unconscious and was not able to recognize his parents

Note:laptop battery very low logging out,will continue tomrrow with this post,apologies)


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