Traffic sense and safety on road…

(Long post ahead)

Today I just felt like updating my blog which has been neglected for a long time L

I have been meaning to write something fruitful (?) since ages but looks like my mind is rusted and nothing comes to my rusted mind L

I bugged my better half to suggest me some topics so that I could get some idea to write a post but no use. He got so bugged up by my constant bugging that he chose to turn deaf to my repeated bugging than getting bugged (did my sentence make any sense, if no than  kindly ignore and if yes than please explain me the meaning of it as I myself not clear wit it 😉 )

So after this entire bugging episode I finally took on myself to choose a (non)sensible topic to blog about.

These days I am using my two-wheeler to commute to office as the distance between my home and office is 17 km and local (BMTC) bus takes more than 2 hours in the evening .So to save time I use my 2 wheeler.

Now I am a kind of person who would follow the traffic rules religiously. I would prefer riding my bike slow (at an average speed of 40kmph) concentrating on the roads (as they are full of potholes) and traffic signals (as some signals do not have timers and signal changes suddenly from green to amber to red).In short I try to ride cautiously to ensure my safety and others on road. But unfortunately all do not think like me well I have no issues what they think or how they drive/ride their vehicle it’s their life but what irks me is because of their reckless driving its others whose life is put to stake. I will quote some example to support my sentence.

1.When there is a slow moving traffic I ride very carefully and maintain a safe distance from the vehicles  in front of me so that if there is sudden need to apply  brake I may not accidently bump into the vehicle in front and may get sufficient time and space to bring my vehicle at halt.

But often people would be in such a hurry that they would be just be an inch behind me and there have been couple of occasion where they have banged my vehicle.

2. One scary incident happened with me recently. I was driving at a speed of 40 kmph and an auto-rickshaw in front of me took left and stopped his rick suddenly and he did this without giving indicator nor waved his hand .Now tell me how the hell do I know that he is going to change lane (from middle of the road to extreme left lane where I was driving).To avoid banging him I applied brake with all my strength and brought my vehicle to a halt without even touching his rick ,this was possible as I maintained a safe distance from his rick. I sighed with relief when all of sudden I underwent a massive jerk. I was so shocked and turned back to see a biker has dashed me. He blamed me of stopping my bike suddenly. I tried explaining him it was because of the rick driver and that he (biker) should maintained the distance…He was at fault and instead of accepting his fault he kept on accusing me L

Now tell me folks where was I wrong, did the biker wanted me to not apply brake and dash the rick?

Note: A very important term to be kept in mind while driving is ‘safe distance’. People who have bumped my vehicles lot many times please read this carefully and make a mental of it

2. It irks me a lot when people would take a right turn or change lanes without signaling (as in giving indicator).Trust me the manufacturers have given ‘indicator’ for a purpose ,it’s not just there as a show piece. Please make use of it

Mind you people its not your dad’s road neither you are the king that you will drive as per your wish. There are people coming behind you and they don’t get intuitions that morons like you are going to take a turn.

Note: Please give indicators where ever required.

3. I agree everyone is in a hurry to reach their destination but you have no right to drive in a zig-zag manner at a speed of 90Kmph scaring the people who prefer riding safe. There have been instances when a fast speeding bike has made his way between me and the footpath or between me and the other bike/Car. It really scares me a lot and I fear that I might lose balance and might fall down.

Note: Guys you might be stunt man but remember others are not and they value their life which is a precious gift by God.

4. Another think that I noticed is people would keep honking for place. But people when there is no place to move and signal is red your constant honking will not make the signal turn green nor will make any space for you. It would just cause irritation to fellow drivers. In fact even if the signal is green but there is a jam ahead of you STOP HONKING .Instead wait patiently for your turn. Trust me, everyone is as eager as you to reach their destined place and they get no joy standing on the road. They are not moving because there is no space for them to move. Your continuous honking is not going to make any sense.

Note: Save nature from sound pollution. Don’t honk un-necessarily instead turn off the ignition and keep patience.

5. At times the signal would be red for going straight and going right. However the signal would be green for all those who would want to take left. But people who want to go straight would block the left lane too which would not allow people to take left, resulting in traffic jams.

Note: Guys use your head, follow lane discipline.

6. Not to forget the cab drivers, they drive so recklessly .Somebody should really educate them on the difference driving and doing stunts on road.

Please guys ride safe, ensure your safety and others on road. Think, there are people waiting for you back at home. God has given you the gift of life and moreover all the means to own a vehicle and made physically and mentally capable of driving. Thank God for that and drive diligently.

With that I wish you all a happy and safe driving.



 (cannot hink of a appropriate title)

Just few minutes back we three girls went for a walk post lunch. In front of us there was a guy on a two wheeler. He suddenly took a u-turn to directly face us. And then what I saw left me numb and speechless.

The chain of his trouser was opened and he was not wearing undies. Now you can imagine how disgusting it was for us. We were shocked and he kept looking back at us again and again.

Was he insane or did he do that intentionally?

If he did it intentionally what did he get by doing this?

And if he is insane why doesn’t his family keep him in mental asylum?

What he did was wrong and we girls felt guilty and disgusting L

I have no words to say ,maybe I should sign out for now and would come back soon with some cheerful post.

You guys take care..