Accident or Murder!

Last year sometime in Nov-Dec my maid was tensed as she was not able to find suitable groom for her daughter. Everytime she would appear tensed, I would console her saying that the day is not far when her daughter will get married and would leave her home.

Time went off and in February she informed that her daughter’s alliance is fixed and wedding in on 29th March. I was happy for her.

The wedding ceremony went well and the new bride settled happily in her new family. She was very firm on her decision that after marriage she would not work but God knows what made her take up a job in the cloth factory as a worker.

My maid has spent a total of Rs/-3 lacs on her daughter’s wedding borrowing money at a very high interest rate. She was already under debt, so when last week her daughter asked her for 20K she refused saying she has no money. Plus she has to buy school uniform for her 3 other daughters.

My maid’s husband is a useless fellow who just knows to drink and beat his wife to get money to drink more. His contribution to the family is nil, instead he is a burden on his wife.

After two days of leave, today morning my maid came crying and informed us that her daughter expired on Saturday evening in road accident. I was shocked.

She said on Saturday evening she got a call from one of the neighbours where her daughter was staying saying that she has met with an accident and is being taken to the hospital. My maid called her son in-law and he said he is in shop and has no idea about all this. Immediately my maid called her relatives and they left to the daughter’s place, only to see her daughter was no more .

When she asked her son in-law ,he said he has no clue of what has happened. One of the neighbour said 2 boys of around 18 years came over speeding on Honda Activa and hit her daughter who was crossing the road to go home.

The girl’s in-laws and husband dint even attended the cremation and the MLA of that area came forward and took all the responsibility including financial and helped my maid’s family to complete all the ceremony.

What is making me think that it is not just an accident but full planned murder?

1. As per my maid they (in-laws and husband) dint look sad at all

2. How is that my maid was informed of accident and the girl’s husband had no news

3. May be the in-laws side wanted to get their son re-married to some other woman so that they may again get dowry.My maid has 3 more daughters so the in laws and husband must have thought in future they will not get any money as she has other daughters to look after and the maid’s husband is good for nothing.

4. Not even attending the funeral

5. Forcing her to work

6. The girl asking her mother for 20,000 Rs/- and to gift her new clothes as she needs it to wear to the factory she was working.

7. The girl was given only dinner as for lunch only one particular food was prepared everyday which she hated .In two months of wedded life she has lost weight and become all pale.

Please people lets pray for my maid’s family. May God give her strength. May the soul rest in peace.
Hope the wrong doers get punished and my maid may get justice.