This post is for you Seema :-)

Hey people how are you all??Remember me??Ok ok stop throwing eggs and tomatoes.

So after being absconded for months I had to come back today as my friend DS (remember, I had done a post on her) called me today for a general chat.

She asked me about my Christmas plans. I told her, I was planning to bake a following some recipe from my blogger friends posts.

She is not much into blogging and so she asked me to suggest some food blogs. Immediately Seema’s ‘amchi bong’ came to my mind. I told her to type ‘amchi bong seema’ in Google. We ended the call with some random chats and after some time she messaged me on my cellphone:

DS: Your friend’s blog is so nice

(I felt so good to read the praise for one of my friend from one of my other friend)

Me: Yeah last year we went to her house and she made amazing brownie and dahi wada.

DS: True with twins in hand and job managing she would be a super woman.


Yes Seema even if I had to use one adjective for you its ‘Super woman’. You rock dear J