Ghar Khali …..

Hardly 4 days have passed by,and am struggling to churn out a blog post (though all my posts are meaningless).

While thinking of a topic ,I went and had my dinner,sterilized my kiddos milk bottles ,came back browsed the face back.

Did everything except thinking of a blog worthy topic 😦

OK let me write about the incident that happened last month.

My house owner were not wiling to switch on the water pump motor.Even when they switched it on,the water that came was so muddy and brown in colour. Hubby was in office,so I went and told them about the muddy water.Immediately the owner uncle starting screaming at me and was about to hit me and shouting like crazy “ghar khali”. His daughter has to literally hold back her father or he would have hit me,he was shouting at me and my daughter who was in my arms was getting scared (I was feeling so guilty ,all this sh*t happened in front of my kiddo).

When hubby went to talk to him,he was only shouting “ghar khali”.

This January we would be completing 4 years in this house and we were never a trouble to them ,still the way he behaved was very insulting.

Following are the reasons for his wild reaction:

1.)First floor has two houses ,one in which we live and second where a police inspector has recently shifted,They pay some 6K more than what we pay

2.)If a tenant stays for more than 5 years ,they can refuse to vacate the house.Since it was the time to renew the contract and we would enter the 5th year,he was scared that we might to refuse to vacate the house next year.

3.)They think when we can travel by flight and send our daughter to daycare that means we are rich people and that we should pay the more rent.Whenever we order food,hire maid or cook they will ask them how much we pay or how much did the food cost.

Whatever it is this whole incident has left a very bad taste in my mouth.Had I knew their native language,I would have given them my piece of mind.


6 thoughts on “Ghar Khali …..

  1. You know Punjabi is the best language at this time.. and i am sure some choice words in punjabi everyone understands ..

    Anyway I think the whole world of tennant and landlords in india is a bad bad experience, partly due to both faults , I have had to Sell one of our property just because we could not get it vacatted from a tenant who paid just 10000/- RS. yeah you read it right… just 10k while the going rate was in LAKH. and the case in the court went on for more than 6 years and I could not take it anymore , So for peace of mind I just sold it to someone who had the muscle and they threw the stuff out of the road and I felt GOOD when that happened.

    BUT talking rudely is not done, no one has the right to Talk like that to anyone , I mean I never raised my voice each time i went to india asking the people to vacate rather I was actually threatened that if i wanted to board the flight back to uk, i better not come again 🙂

    You take care and all the best with everything , I would start looking for a new place because once a relation goes sour it is hard to mend ..

    Take care and my best wishes ..

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