Around the country in 4 days!

2014 Diwali we decided to celebrate here in Bangalore. But some last minute decision made us travel right from southern India to northern part of our country to celebrate Diwali.

Tatakal ‘Rajdhani’ tickets were booked and returned journey flight tickets were also booked.

We started our journey on 21st October, 8:30 PM. We got into the train where ‘M’ (my then a year old daughter) had a gala time entertaining people around us.

We reached Bhopal station next night at 9:00 PM (22nd October).My parents came to meet us at the railway station, all loaded with gifts and sweets.. It was short meet with them of about 20 minutes. From Bhopal we had a next train to Vidisha (where Mil stays).We boarded the next train and reached Vidisha in about 50 minutes.

By the time we reached home, had dinner and slept it way past mid night. We would have slept for about an hour when suddenly my kiddo decided to puke all over the bed. We changed the bed covers, cleaned her and went back to sleep.

23rd October saw me wake up quite early.Mil had loaded the washing machine and was washing clothes. I immediately joined her and washed the clothes that were used in train journey and the vomit laden clothes.

By the time I was done washing my 2 sweethearts woke up (do I need to tell, who are they? J )

I quickly made breakfast of upma and tea and post that hubby went off to the market for some end moment Diwali shopping.

At home we realized that maid has bunked and we (Mil and myself) got down to wash a huge heap of utensils, completed other chores as well.

Lunch was made and mil made a typical UP (Uttar Pradesh) dish of singhggada (please check Google, for this fruit (?), it grows in water).

Afternoon was spent in making rangoli and marigold strings. Evening we went to the market and got some dresses for my little one.

Came home celebrated Diwali, with performing some usual rituals, bursting crackers and hogging on the food.

Again we slept late and woke up early next morning, as we again had to travel.Mil packed some sweets and goodies for us .She packed the same for her sister in Delhi ,we were to visit them the same night.

Post lunch we started for Bhopal in a hired taxi. We reached my home and stayed there for about 20 minutes. Had tea and snacks and collected gift from my bhabhis J

From home we started for the airport. The flight was terribly late and we managed to reached New Delhi at around 9:00 PM.A pre booked taxi was waiting for us. We were supposed to meet hubby’s uncle (mil’s brother), who stay at other end of Delhi, got sweets for them and started our journey.

In the taxi my doll decided to puke and we quickly dropped the plan to visit the uncle (he stays really very far from airport and we were informed in would take minimum 2 hours to reach there).We called them and informed them that we are heading to aunt’s place (mil’s sister) as she stays close to the airport. We reached their home .Aunt served us tea/snacks and later we had dinner. I was tired by then and badly wanted to hit the bed but alas uncle, aunty and their daughter had other plans, can’t blame them, they were excited to meet us. We went to bed only at 2:00 AM.

Next morning saw us wake up at 7:00 AM. Aunty had prepared awesome breakfast, we quickly gulped it down, got ready and hired auto to visit uncle’s place (whom we missed meeting the previous night).

After travelling for about 1.5 hours, one side (so total 3 hrs) we hardly stayed there for 30 minutes. Exchanged gifts had tea and snacks and started back to aunt’s place.

Once we reached aunt’s house it was a mad rush of packing the bags, having lunch and leaving for the airport. We were sure to miss the flight. Uncle offered to drop us at the airport. As soon as we entered the airport announcement was being made that security check for Delhi-Bangalore flight was closed, it was the last call that they had made. We panicked. Luckily we already had boarding passes with us that we collected from Bhopal itself (it was actually connecting flight) and that saved some time.

From then it was a mad rush, running, panting, huffing and puffing shifting kiddo from mine to hubby’s godi,we somehow managed to board the flight.

We finally reached Bangalore airport. As we stepped out of the airport we were welcomed with heavy downpours. It became a tough task to get a taxi, as most of them were stuck in traffic hence the unavailability of the same.

We took airport Volvo bus, got down at the nearest stop from our home. From there we took auto and finally reached home


So all in all we started our travel on 21st October and finished it on 25th October.

We were practically on wheels all the time, covering the below places:

Bangalore->Bhopal->Vidisha->Bhopal->Delhi->Bangalore J

By the end of the trip we were so exhausted that we swear not to travel for next 6 months at least 😉


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