Hubby is embarrassed and am very angry…

Last month on 13th my daughter turned 7 months old.It was Thursday that day and we decided to visit Sai Baba temple in the evening.
When we reached there we saw it was highly crowded and they had closed the gate for the darshan as there was a long queue.
Now going by my Tirupati visit experience and ability to handle such huge crowd I gave up the idea of the darshan. Even hubby thought it would not be a good idea to stand in the queue as the daughter might get uncomfortable.
So we decided to take the prasad and leave.There is a separate hall where prasad in distributed on Thursdays ,it being the Sai Baba day.
We headed towards the hall which has a small sliding gate to exit.We were not sure if we could enter from there and only take prasad and come out without doing the darshan (in north india ,we take prasad and come out if we are not willing to stand in queue).
We waited for some time to see if its allowed also we were looking for some volunteers to whom we could ask. In the meanwhile we saw 3 young girls entering from that exit gate. After sometime we saw 4 middle aged ladies chitchatting in kannada and entering from the same exit gate.
I told hubby “the ladies are from southern India and they must be knowing about temple rules better. Since they have entered from that gate I guess its ok to enter from there else the temple authority would have closed this gate too.”
So we too entered from that gate and just then a lady who was from the temple committee came and blasted us saying we are not allowed to enter from that gate.
I was about to apologize to her and turned towards her when I saw her saying something to hubby with a very angry look on her face.
I asked my husband what she said, the reply was something that made me furious.
This is what she said,” You came here for free food na”.
I was stunned and angry too. I asked him why didn’t you clarify that we dint know. We could have apologized and left at that time itself. He said he dint wanted to create a scene in the temple and also ruin our happy mood. Saying this he went ahead and I followed him.
In my opinion I think that lady could have been bit polite and could have made better use of words. I agree we were not in the best of our attires but am also sure we weren’t shabbily dressed to look like some rowdy who have come for free food.
Later we went to Mac D’s (They dint throw us out so I think we dint look a rowdy) had a happy meal to uplift our moods ,came back and slept.