Smile Please…

1. Military style chat in IT office:

Garima [11:20 AM]: using QC?

Waman Avadhani [11:21 AM]: yeah 5min

Garima [11:21 AM]: ok ping me wen u log out

Waman Avadhani [11:21 AM]: ok

Waman Avadhani [11:24 AM]: be ready!!!!!!

Garima [11:24 AM]: okk sir.1 2 3 get set go

Waman Avadhani [11:24 AM]: go now

Garima [11:26 AM]: mission accomplished. Successfully launched

Waman Avadhani [11:26 AM]:
great Jawan!!

Garima [11:26 AM]:

2. Of Sign Boards:

On the way our office there is a famous Nalli Silk Sarees store.
Just before the store there is a sign board which reads ‘Nalli Next’.Hubby read it and cracked a pj ‘aage naali* hai’ ye batane ki kya jaroorat hai 

*naali in hindi means drainage

3. Of sharp edged knives:

Few days back the conversation took place about ‘nazar’ and different belief that people have. Hubby was saying “kuch log dhaaru bhi rakhte hai apne pass*”

*Some people keep dhaaru with them*

Wondering what dhaaru is?

It is dhaar + chaaku =dhaar wala chakuu=dharu

Since he was speaking at lightning speed and hence pronounced it as ‘dhaaru’ 

4. My neighbor’s kid is 2 year old. He plays with me and likes to wear my slippers, drink juice from my glass. In short he is my tail.

Yesterday night he was playing with his tricycle so to tease him I said in my horrible kannada,

“Aayush naanu cycle backseat kudkolla*”
Since I was not sure of the right usage of the language I kept explaining him with all possible actions

*Aayush can I sit on back seat of your cycle

He looked at me and suddenly held his cycle and sped away quickly 


5 thoughts on “Smile Please…

  1. Ok wait I will explain…Nalli is the name of famous silk saree store in bangalore.So the store to help people locate the shop has given a sign board saying ‘Nalli Next’ meaning the Nalli store is ahead….Now nalli/naali in hindi means ‘Drainage’. SO hubby was like whats the need to tell people that there is a drainage ahead…Tharani dear I hope the pj is clear..I tried my best to translate in english…plz say u understood 🙂

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