Down the memory lane…

Today I was bit disturbed though there is no reason behind it.
I was not able to focus on my work and for some unknown reason I logged into my gmail account and was going through the mail which was about RM coming to Bangalore.
I was so lost in reading that mail chain that I lost track of time but it really made me feel better.
There were two pics attached to that mail and I kept staring at it for a long time. It brought some kind of happiness .Felt good to see you all, felt like one big family.

Thank you ladies the blog meet not only made me then happy but even today it brought back happy memories and made me smile 


8 thoughts on “Down the memory lane…

  1. Hi Raji..thank you for the comment.Please dont mind give me sometime will share the password or will remove the password itself..And yes everything is fine :-)Thanks for the concern.

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