Come back with a funny incident…

Ok after appearing, disappearing ,reappearing and all those ‘ings’ I was on the verge of losing interest in updating my blog. It was then, when deepsi   gave a push and asked me to come back. And here I am, deepsi  this post is for  you.

Though I have actually nothing to write about so I thought I shall update you all with the long weekend that we had.

Saturday we went to Water Park near our place. It’s a small one with  7 slides for adults, rain dance ,wave pool and kiddies pool.

It was really fun to slide sitting on water tube (not sure of the actual term) and holding it tight. But in one particular slide we had to slide without the water tube, lying in an inclined position.

I was scared and wanted hubby to come along with me. He was kinda reluctant. Then suddenly a guy and a girl came who must be not more than 19 -20 year old. The girl sat in the front and behind her the boy. They started sliding but they were going very slowly. We waited for them to reach the end of the slide and then we started sliding. We were going pretty fast and were enjoying when at one point we realized that these people (the girl and the boy) were sitting and resting on the slide. The momentum was so huge that we could not stop from banging into them plus if we would have tried to stop ourselves by holding the edge of the slide we would have hurt ourselves. So we collided with them with me becoming a sandwich between my hubby and that boy.

Anyways they just smiled and started sliding again. We were bit upset as we were really enjoying at a good pace.

We continued our slide and we had just gained the speed when what we saw took our breath away.


That girl boy pair had again stopped in the middle and were busy smooching each other. We just could not stop and this time our momentum was more than last time and we hit the guy hard. I am sure the guy was badly hit on his back and of course both of them must have got injuries on their face 😉

Hubby injured his finger as he tried to stop from hitting them by holding the slide edge.


Few pointers for that girl boy duo:

1. Water slides are made to slide and enjoy and not to stop in between. They are made curved and start from second floor so that people who like speed can have fun. Its not a garden where you stop at different trees/benches and rest

2. When you know we have hit you already that means we are somewhere behind you…Dint you have brains that we are sliding behind and if you stop again, we would again hit you. Or you thought even we were doing the same and kissing each other.

3. Do you realize how dangerous it could be, stopping in between. It could have caused serious injuries.


Now the fun part:

Later when we came down the slide we saw the girl had actually pulled the guy’s shirt and was witnessing his injury in PUBLIC and giving him a massage.

Hubby speak: That boy whenever will go to kiss that girl would always be reminded of how badly he was hit and would think twice before kissing her 🙂

My teammate (with whom I shared this funny incident) speak: Those kids must be thinking looking at you and your hubby: “kyun ye old and boring couple aa gaye,na  khud romance kar rahe hai na humein karne de rahe hai” 🙂