To Dance or not to Dance?

Last week one of the team in my project had a client visit and they decided to go to Taj Hotel for dinner and dance party.

 The team had 3 females and one of them being a great dancer, danced her heart out and enjoyed every moment, lets call her ‘S’. All 3 women are married and they all had informed their husbands that they would get late.

 But this female ‘S’ got so lost in dance that she dint realize the time and by the time she reached home it was 12.Her husband was found walking up and down in the balcony waiting anxiously for her. She had escorts with her and she had informed her hubby of the time by which she would be reaching.

Still her husband was upset with her and had asked her not to attend any more client/release parties. He always wants his wife to be with him and does not like any of his wife’s male colleagues dropping her back home.

1. Is he so possessive of her?

2. Is he is very concern about her

3. Is he doubtful and does not trust his wife, though I agree this girl sometime crosses her limit and openly flirts in boys. May be her husband knows this attitude of hers and hence tries to avoid her interaction with guys.

4. This girl is very dominating and kind of bindass and so may be her husband feels insecure.

 This post came up because next month we have family day in our office and there are various dance performances (group/mixed group/solo) which will be conducted. I asked ‘S’ to participate as she loves dancing. This was her reply:

 “Pagal hai mera husband bhi ayega us din wo mujhe stage per dance karte dekhega to usse bura lagega”

Translation :“Are you crazy, my husband will also come that day and he would feel bad seeing me dance on stage:

 I was surprised to hear that reply and I further asked what’s there to get angry. When you can dance in your team release party then why not in family day? Infact her husband must be proud of his wife’s talent.

 She said no there will be comments made and as a husband he would not like. Really??? Is it college where guys would be whistling and hooting?

Last month I attended IBM family day and there were girls who did ramp walk and I dint find any hooting.

 Isn’t dance a talent/art and facing such large crowd a matter of courage? I cant dance even to save my life and I always thought it was a God’s gift that some people are blessed with it.

I don’t understand why people consider dancing as something cheap, which should be avoided especially for women more so if you are married?

 Is it because after the dance performance she would become popular and kind of known person in the company which makes her husband insecure?

 There are so many if’s and buts’ coming to my mind but not sure of actual reason of her not performing.

 And as I said she is very dominating and her husband gives in to all her demands be it reasonable or not (which includes fighting with In laws and then getting separated from them and also back answering them, not talking to them, not wishing them on their birthdays though on her birthday her mil gifted her a dress and bracelet etc).Hence its not difficult for her to convince her husband to allow her to dance on stage.

Whatever the reason but I was sad to know that we would miss witnessing a great talent on family day.

What do you people think? 


Not able to think of any suitable title…

Heard this piece of news on FM 2 days back where some girl (G1) posted on RJ Shraddha’s  Facebook wall.

G1 was travelling with her male friend in Metro here in Bangalore. An unknown girl (G2) asked this male friend to give her, his mobile. The boy thought maybe she wanted to check the model number or some functionality of his phone, so he unlocked his cellphone and gave it to her.

After few minutes the girl returns the phone and in angry tone tells the guy that she thought, he clicked his pic and wanted to confirm. The boy said that he dint click and pic.G2 started shouting that she has every right to check his mobile as she had a doubt that her pic was clicked. She went ahead and asked the guy to apologize??

He was shocked, apologize for what? And what right is she talking about? She verified his phone and did not find her pic then why did she create such a scene?

At one point we talk about women rights and awareness, giving women protection and all that. But what do we of such women?

Wasn’t the attitude of the girl wrong? It’s not always that guys are wrong, there are such instances where even women are not right in their word and actions.

Well let’s see where our country is heading to? Hoping it to be a better place to live in.