Continued from last post..

Sorry guys ,I just disappeared after my last post that too it was left in between.

Wednesday I managed to fell sick and kept puking after reaching home and Thursday Electricity board decided to have power cut in our locality without any reason.

Anyways continuing from my previous post:

The rick driver continued speaking about the 7K that he had to arrange.I was not replying to him,I was partly scared and partly not able to trust his words.I just hugged my kiddo tight and was hopping to reach home at the earliest.

When we reached home the auto meter displayed 43 Rs/-Usually auto drivers ask for 50 Rs/-
He told me to give him change .I opened my wallet and pulled out a 100 Re/- note as I dint have change.

I handed him the note and then for a fraction of seconds there was a complete silent.Neither he bothered to return the money or I had the guts to ask him for the change.Then I managed to tell him to keep the change ,even before I could complete my sentence,he took a turn an sped away.I felt he was just waiting for me to ask him to keep the change.

I really dunno if he was in genuine need of money or he just made some story.I handed him the money thinking I am giving money for some good cause,I should worry about how is that money used.

Also it was a small amount and no where suffice to the requirement of 7 thousand,but I could not trust him enough to hand him more money *I know that was very cheap of me*.

But I was impressed though he needed the money still his auto meter was not tempered and also he dint ask me for extra money when I got into his auto.Or may be he just fooled me and made some story.

Whatever the case may be ,I did a bit of charity from my side.I hope my money is put to some good use.


2 thoughts on “Continued from last post..

  1. No I dont think it was cheap of you or anything.. in todays world it is hard to know what is genuine and what is deciept .. I also feel it was wrong of the driver to just assume you would want him to have the change..

    although i wish him all the best and hope everything goes ok with him

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