Continued from last post..

Sorry guys ,I just disappeared after my last post that too it was left in between.

Wednesday I managed to fell sick and kept puking after reaching home and Thursday Electricity board decided to have power cut in our locality without any reason.

Anyways continuing from my previous post:

The rick driver continued speaking about the 7K that he had to arrange.I was not replying to him,I was partly scared and partly not able to trust his words.I just hugged my kiddo tight and was hopping to reach home at the earliest.

When we reached home the auto meter displayed 43 Rs/-Usually auto drivers ask for 50 Rs/-
He told me to give him change .I opened my wallet and pulled out a 100 Re/- note as I dint have change.

I handed him the note and then for a fraction of seconds there was a complete silent.Neither he bothered to return the money or I had the guts to ask him for the change.Then I managed to tell him to keep the change ,even before I could complete my sentence,he took a turn an sped away.I felt he was just waiting for me to ask him to keep the change.

I really dunno if he was in genuine need of money or he just made some story.I handed him the money thinking I am giving money for some good cause,I should worry about how is that money used.

Also it was a small amount and no where suffice to the requirement of 7 thousand,but I could not trust him enough to hand him more money *I know that was very cheap of me*.

But I was impressed though he needed the money still his auto meter was not tempered and also he dint ask me for extra money when I got into his auto.Or may be he just fooled me and made some story.

Whatever the case may be ,I did a bit of charity from my side.I hope my money is put to some good use.


Few weeks back I was looking for auto rickshaw outside the daughter’s daycare ,with her in my arms and her bag and my office bag pack.We had tried out luck for some 10 autos but none agreed to drop us .

With great difficulty I managed to stop an auto and he agreed to drop us at our place,though he asked me to guide him through the routes.

On the way he simply started telling me that his 6 year old son fell down from terrace and had got a clot in brain.He took his son to Manipal Hospital (one of the most renowned private hospital in Bangalore).Since the treatment was very costly there,he shifted his son to government hospital.

He further said that he is basically an electrician but working as driver during night time to earn extra and that the auto is of his friend.He told me next day is the surgery and he has arranged money but running short by 7 k.If he is unable to arrange that amount and surgery will not be done and whatever money is collected will be wasted.

His son was partly unconscious and was not able to recognize his parents

Note:laptop battery very low logging out,will continue tomrrow with this post,apologies)

Around the country in 4 days!

2014 Diwali we decided to celebrate here in Bangalore. But some last minute decision made us travel right from southern India to northern part of our country to celebrate Diwali.

Tatakal ‘Rajdhani’ tickets were booked and returned journey flight tickets were also booked.

We started our journey on 21st October, 8:30 PM. We got into the train where ‘M’ (my then a year old daughter) had a gala time entertaining people around us.

We reached Bhopal station next night at 9:00 PM (22nd October).My parents came to meet us at the railway station, all loaded with gifts and sweets.. It was short meet with them of about 20 minutes. From Bhopal we had a next train to Vidisha (where Mil stays).We boarded the next train and reached Vidisha in about 50 minutes.

By the time we reached home, had dinner and slept it way past mid night. We would have slept for about an hour when suddenly my kiddo decided to puke all over the bed. We changed the bed covers, cleaned her and went back to sleep.

23rd October saw me wake up quite early.Mil had loaded the washing machine and was washing clothes. I immediately joined her and washed the clothes that were used in train journey and the vomit laden clothes.

By the time I was done washing my 2 sweethearts woke up (do I need to tell, who are they? J )

I quickly made breakfast of upma and tea and post that hubby went off to the market for some end moment Diwali shopping.

At home we realized that maid has bunked and we (Mil and myself) got down to wash a huge heap of utensils, completed other chores as well.

Lunch was made and mil made a typical UP (Uttar Pradesh) dish of singhggada (please check Google, for this fruit (?), it grows in water).

Afternoon was spent in making rangoli and marigold strings. Evening we went to the market and got some dresses for my little one.

Came home celebrated Diwali, with performing some usual rituals, bursting crackers and hogging on the food.

Again we slept late and woke up early next morning, as we again had to travel.Mil packed some sweets and goodies for us .She packed the same for her sister in Delhi ,we were to visit them the same night.

Post lunch we started for Bhopal in a hired taxi. We reached my home and stayed there for about 20 minutes. Had tea and snacks and collected gift from my bhabhis J

From home we started for the airport. The flight was terribly late and we managed to reached New Delhi at around 9:00 PM.A pre booked taxi was waiting for us. We were supposed to meet hubby’s uncle (mil’s brother), who stay at other end of Delhi, got sweets for them and started our journey.

In the taxi my doll decided to puke and we quickly dropped the plan to visit the uncle (he stays really very far from airport and we were informed in would take minimum 2 hours to reach there).We called them and informed them that we are heading to aunt’s place (mil’s sister) as she stays close to the airport. We reached their home .Aunt served us tea/snacks and later we had dinner. I was tired by then and badly wanted to hit the bed but alas uncle, aunty and their daughter had other plans, can’t blame them, they were excited to meet us. We went to bed only at 2:00 AM.

Next morning saw us wake up at 7:00 AM. Aunty had prepared awesome breakfast, we quickly gulped it down, got ready and hired auto to visit uncle’s place (whom we missed meeting the previous night).

After travelling for about 1.5 hours, one side (so total 3 hrs) we hardly stayed there for 30 minutes. Exchanged gifts had tea and snacks and started back to aunt’s place.

Once we reached aunt’s house it was a mad rush of packing the bags, having lunch and leaving for the airport. We were sure to miss the flight. Uncle offered to drop us at the airport. As soon as we entered the airport announcement was being made that security check for Delhi-Bangalore flight was closed, it was the last call that they had made. We panicked. Luckily we already had boarding passes with us that we collected from Bhopal itself (it was actually connecting flight) and that saved some time.

From then it was a mad rush, running, panting, huffing and puffing shifting kiddo from mine to hubby’s godi,we somehow managed to board the flight.

We finally reached Bangalore airport. As we stepped out of the airport we were welcomed with heavy downpours. It became a tough task to get a taxi, as most of them were stuck in traffic hence the unavailability of the same.

We took airport Volvo bus, got down at the nearest stop from our home. From there we took auto and finally reached home


So all in all we started our travel on 21st October and finished it on 25th October.

We were practically on wheels all the time, covering the below places:

Bangalore->Bhopal->Vidisha->Bhopal->Delhi->Bangalore J

By the end of the trip we were so exhausted that we swear not to travel for next 6 months at least 😉

Ghar Khali …..

Hardly 4 days have passed by,and am struggling to churn out a blog post (though all my posts are meaningless).

While thinking of a topic ,I went and had my dinner,sterilized my kiddos milk bottles ,came back browsed the face back.

Did everything except thinking of a blog worthy topic 😦

OK let me write about the incident that happened last month.

My house owner were not wiling to switch on the water pump motor.Even when they switched it on,the water that came was so muddy and brown in colour. Hubby was in office,so I went and told them about the muddy water.Immediately the owner uncle starting screaming at me and was about to hit me and shouting like crazy “ghar khali”. His daughter has to literally hold back her father or he would have hit me,he was shouting at me and my daughter who was in my arms was getting scared (I was feeling so guilty ,all this sh*t happened in front of my kiddo).

When hubby went to talk to him,he was only shouting “ghar khali”.

This January we would be completing 4 years in this house and we were never a trouble to them ,still the way he behaved was very insulting.

Following are the reasons for his wild reaction:

1.)First floor has two houses ,one in which we live and second where a police inspector has recently shifted,They pay some 6K more than what we pay

2.)If a tenant stays for more than 5 years ,they can refuse to vacate the house.Since it was the time to renew the contract and we would enter the 5th year,he was scared that we might to refuse to vacate the house next year.

3.)They think when we can travel by flight and send our daughter to daycare that means we are rich people and that we should pay the more rent.Whenever we order food,hire maid or cook they will ask them how much we pay or how much did the food cost.

Whatever it is this whole incident has left a very bad taste in my mouth.Had I knew their native language,I would have given them my piece of mind.

Miss M…

is my soon to be 17 months old daughter

I was putting her to sleep while composing a blog post in my mind.She had almost drifted off too sleep when she suddenly woke up kissed her dad and smiled.She rolled towards me did the same and started blowing flying kisses.

Since then its 1 hour and still there are no signs of the kiddo going off to sleep.In the meanwhile the post that i had mentally prepared has vanished magically.

The little monster is playing with her dad and I a wondering what to actually write today.

Well let me write some random stuff on Miss M:

1.Its more than 2 months that she is walking ,she explores the whole house favorite places being kitchen and bathroom.In kitchen she bangs utensils till they cry of pain,manages to throw onions/potatoes off the shelf.
There is also endless stirring of pots and yummy dishes are prepared by her;-) Master Chef in making.

2.Everyday bath time is tough time,reason she is so fond of water that she wouldn’t to come out of bathroom

3.She is scared of Santa Clause and Mac Donald.In her daycare during Christmas Celebration she cried buckets at the sight of santa. The.The mention of the word Mac Donald is enough to scare her,though she enjoys the rhyme ‘Old mac Donald had a farm’

4.Her favorite toys are mamma’s hair accessories and clothes line clip.

5.On New year eve we went out for dinner and she managed to embarrass her parents by demanding food from everyone’s table and the servers.She royally ignored the food that I carried from home.We had to order for plain paneer pieces which she gulped down in a jiffy which when given at home is thrown all over the carpet and hardy a piece reaching the mouth.

6.She has adjusted well in her daycare,though we will soon be changing it ,much too my disappointment 😦
I will write about it in a separate post.The only complain that I get is she drinks very less water.Also if i carry other kids she comes and pushes them off my lap 😦

7.She is a fashion freak.The new hairband or dress are admired by her and she stands in front of the mirror and sees herself from all angles.

8.Big fan of dogs.We have stood on streets to admire dogs.

9.Loves to speak on phone,cell phone or land line.She will pick the phone says “aao” (for hello) give flying kisses ,wave her hand to say bye and will promptly keep back the phone.

10.She has learnt to climb the bed on her own,which ensures we immediatly escort her as soon as she enters the room.This is keeping us on our toes.

Well too tired and sleepy,will continue this post and make a separate post 😉

See you all tomorrow,Good Night 🙂

Bus Tale :1 :Post 2

Today morning we got horribly late. Hubby dropped us (daughter and yours truly) in front of his office at 9:00AM.

Background: Each morning at around 8:40 we are dropped by hubby dear in front of his office. I cross the road from there, drop my kiddo to her daycare, come back and catch a Volvo to my office.

Back to today: As usual I came back after dropping my daughter to the daycare. After waiting for about 10 min this Volvo comes towards the bus stop. I got all ready to dive in the bus, but before I could move, the bus sped away without stopping at the bus stop. This was bus (1)

Immediately there was this Volvo Bus (2) coming but for some other route .I got into this bus. (Both these buses till half the distance have same route and from there, they divert).I told the conductor I will get down at the next signal and from their catch the previously missed bus.

Before I could do that we were already at the signal and the bus I wanted to catch by then had crossed the signal. So I took the ticket (Rs 60/-) in the bus in which I was seated till the common point where the other bus would also cross.

Now some information:

I get into the bus from Stop A and my destination is Stop C via Stop B.

(1)Volvo Bus Rate: Stop A to Stop B =60 Rs/- and Stop B to Stop C=50 Rs/-

(2)Direct Volvo from Stop A to Stop C=70 Rs/-


(3)Non Volvo Bus Rate: Stop A to Stop B =19 Rs/- and Stop B to Stop C=19 Rs/-

(4)Direct Non Volvo from Stop A to Stop C=23 Rs/-


# All buses crossing Stop A do cross Stop B


As we crossed the signal I noticed this Direct Non Volvo Bus was standing at the bus stop. I felt so helpless as I had already taken the full ticket till stop B(Volvo ticket is not applicable for general buses).The conductor advised that I keep sitting till Stop B as I have ticket till then and from there get into that Non Volvo bus from there.

I liked his idea and kept sitting, only to realize this Volvo was not moving as it was empty and waiting for more passengers.

Soon the non Volvo bus came, I quickly got down from this Volvo bus and got into the non Volvo (to my surprise this was moving fast as compared to the Volvo).I again took the ticket this time it was Rs 23/-

So all in all I spent Rs 83/- which is more that the fare in direct Volvo bus, sweated in the non Volvo, ran a couple of miles to change bus and made a fool of myself.

Silver Lining: There was zero traffic today, touch wood. I covered the entire distance of 17Km in only 50 minutes which on other days takes approx. 90 minutes.

A hap hap happy New Year!

Hi All,

This year Seema has taken a wonderful initiative of Blog Marathon.Let us first thank her for her effort.
Am excited to be a part of this marathon mainly because I will be able to read daily posts from my favorite bloggers.Not sure if I will be able to post daily.

Lets see how it goes,will try my best to post atleast few lines or post few pics.

See you all tomorrow.

Wishing everyone a very happy new year.

Ten ON Ten

For some 8-9 months much to my annoyance I have been a silent spectator because:

a) Word press is blocked in office

b)At home my 16 months old monkey does not me allow to use laptop without listening to the rhyme ‘5 little monkeys jumping on the bed’ in infinite loop.

I hope I could get back to writing some stuff on my blog. Though I read the posts of all my favorite bloggers:

1. RM being blessed with R2, the biggest news in the blog world. R becoming an elder sister to a little princess was the highlight

2. So much has happened in TP’s life. Sorry dear could not even comfort you during your bad times. Anyways forgetting all the bad please accept my heartiest congratulations to you and PK. When I read baby will be here in the month of May I almost jumped of my chair in happiness as I am May born too. Congratulations on PK’s new job as well.

3. Seema, am so happy to know you guys have all settled well in Australia. It was a brave move and you guys sailed it off successfully. Congratulations. I saw the recent pictures of ManTam, the fairies look all grown up.

4. Chucky is growing up fast. Lifi’s move to new city, selling off the house and starting the new life, all went very well. Congratulations to you dear on the new jobs. Hope your blood reports came good.

5. OMG, LHB is all grown up to travel with his dad to India. Adi as usual is super awesome, attending over night camp. The girl has for sure grown up.

6.When I read about Volt ,I keep nodding my head to whatever Summerscript writes as same thing is been done at my home by my kiddo. They both appear to be similar in their nature.

7. Many congratulations Tharani for completing 3 awesome years of togetherness with your better half.

8. MomOfRS where have you suddenly disappeared. It is so good to read about your and twins life in US.I loved that grain art. Congratulations to you and your kids for getting awarded as best parent and best students awards.

9. Pepperedthoughts please write about all the hectic and happy time you had attending weddings, baby shower and also the Kerala trip. Hope your Bil is recovering well from the surgery.

10.GreenBoochi,you are simply talented. Your food and art is to die for. Congratulations for your new house in Chennai. Hope you get to stay with your hubby real soon.

Does it look like I have summarized the happenings in my favorite bloggers lives? Trust me guy I miss this space. But I am genuinely happy that atleast I get to read all yours posts on my phone. I promise myself to write some more here. Hoping that you guys will continue updating your blogs.

Updates as I turn 30

On 29th May I turned 30 and it was the day when I joined my new work place. Also it’s a new role which I had been craving for quite some time, though was not sure if it was the right decision. But when this opportunity came my way, I knew I have to grab it and give my best to it.

It was the best birthday gift I could have asked for .My little one is really a lucky charm for us.

All in all it was a big day and I woke early and bright to start my day.

Everything was going as planned. I was about to leave, just then I hugged my daughter and tears started flowing .I just couldn’t stop them. I looked at her innocent face and I felt I must reconsider my decision of joining work that early. But I knew it was ‘now or never’ situation and no way I can sit at home.

It was the day where I experienced a bag full of mixed feelings:

A victory feeling of getting a job after a huge struggle.

Excitement of the new role that really had fascinated me

Emotional of leaving behind my little one. But the silver line to this is she is in safe hands and is taken care off by her dadi.

It is 2 month now. Things have kind of fallen in place. My princess has adjusted well with my mil.

But what is life without any challenges and yes in coming few days we are waiting for our next challenge ie. admitting my doll in day care. No idea how she is going to take that and how would she adjust.


Note 1: You all must be wondering I used plural of “update’ and have mentioned only one. Actually there is one more and a massive one which I wanted to write. But I refrained myself for the fear of jinx ing it.I am a panauti you see 😉

I will write about that in couple of month .If all goes as planned then may be by September I must be able to share.

Note 2: A heartfelt thank you to all my blogger friends who wished me for my job. The wishes did a miracle to me. Thanks once again.


with my stars.Yeah I do believe in stars and destiny.

Since January 2014 I have attended interviews with 6 companies.The summary of the outcome of it as below:

1.Company 1 :Attended on 17th January :Cleared 3 rounds (2 technical+1 managerial).Pending client round.

2.Company 2 : Attended on 19th January Written cleared .Feedback of first round pending

3.Company 3:Attended on 21st January.After interview the feedback got was position filled through internal hiring.

4.Company 4:Attended on 25th January.Result same as company 1.

5.Company 5: Attended on 8th March.Interview went only for 10 minutes.Very low level of the interview.Got rejected.

6.Company 6:Attended on  22nd March.Cleared all three rounds.Sent them the salary slips and all required documents .Salary negotiation done.Filled background verification form.No offer letter yet.They say its on hold.

I am loosing my patience big time. Don’t want to say anything more.

See ya folks.No idea when I would again come  back to this place,to pen down my thoughts.I do read all your posts.

Thank you all for writing regularly.Feel happy reading you all.Special thanks to Lifi. Her everyday post makes me smile wide.

Take Care everyone.