Updates as I turn 30

On 29th May I turned 30 and it was the day when I joined my new work place. Also it’s a new role which I had been craving for quite some time, though was not sure if it was the right decision. But when this opportunity came my way, I knew I have to grab it and give my best to it.

It was the best birthday gift I could have asked for .My little one is really a lucky charm for us.

All in all it was a big day and I woke early and bright to start my day.

Everything was going as planned. I was about to leave, just then I hugged my daughter and tears started flowing .I just couldn’t stop them. I looked at her innocent face and I felt I must reconsider my decision of joining work that early. But I knew it was ‘now or never’ situation and no way I can sit at home.

It was the day where I experienced a bag full of mixed feelings:

A victory feeling of getting a job after a huge struggle.

Excitement of the new role that really had fascinated me

Emotional of leaving behind my little one. But the silver line to this is she is in safe hands and is taken care off by her dadi.

It is 2 month now. Things have kind of fallen in place. My princess has adjusted well with my mil.

But what is life without any challenges and yes in coming few days we are waiting for our next challenge ie. admitting my doll in day care. No idea how she is going to take that and how would she adjust.


Note 1: You all must be wondering I used plural of “update’ and have mentioned only one. Actually there is one more and a massive one which I wanted to write. But I refrained myself for the fear of jinx ing it.I am a panauti you see 😉

I will write about that in couple of month .If all goes as planned then may be by September I must be able to share.

Note 2: A heartfelt thank you to all my blogger friends who wished me for my job. The wishes did a miracle to me. Thanks once again.