My Doll

2013-11-23 22.21.10

My friends and I have occupied more than half the bed (king size).Dad hangs on the edge of the bed and about mom hehehe forget it,she is in zombie state 🙂

2013-12-11 12.03.33

2013-12-11 22.27.20

Now Some dates to remember:

1.Mum gave me bath all by herself on 14th Dec 2013 with dad standing there with his fingers crossed 🙂
2.I am now able to have eye hand coordination.I now hold things which are bright in color.
3.I have started shouting at top of my voice.

Will keep updating you all.
Love and hugs from me 🙂

Milestone 1 and some updates

My kid rolled over for the first time at an age of 3 months and 21 days .Proud mommy moment 🙂

She sucks her thumb as if there is no tomorrow 😦

Loved the way she gives us toothless smile and make some gibberish sound ,which is like music to my ears.

She can talk endlessly to the baby posters in the room and her best friend is fan.
Amongst the countless gifts that Nani-ma (maternal grandmom) has gifted her,her all time favorite toy is Merry-go-round which dadi (paternal grandmom) has hung to a string in the drawing room.She keeps talking to that toy as it goes round and round:-)

Till now she has been dressed in various dresses which include frocks (with and without front buttons),t shirt with nicker,t shirts with pyjama,dungaree skirt and ethnic dress.

Crazy mumma decorates the baby by making her wear all colour coordinated dresses which goes well with her winter wears and socks and caps.While daddy dear stands speechelss thinking “crazy mumma ne abhi se meri beti ko matching ki habbit daal rahi hai”

Mumma is waiting for her daughter to grow bit tall so that she can make her wear that cute pink and white jumper that Victor Uncle (mumma’s colleague) got it from US ,the cute red jacket that mumma’s brothers and bhabhis gave and a yellow winter suite (frock,cap and pyjama) that nanu and nani-ma gifted.

She has adjusted well in daycare though she sometime get issues to sleep there as she has got the habit to stick to me ,put her head in my armpit and sleep peacefully in my body warmth.

Will post some pics real soon.

Till then bbye and take care.