with my stars.Yeah I do believe in stars and destiny.

Since January 2014 I have attended interviews with 6 companies.The summary of the outcome of it as below:

1.Company 1 :Attended on 17th January :Cleared 3 rounds (2 technical+1 managerial).Pending client round.

2.Company 2 : Attended on 19th January Written cleared .Feedback of first round pending

3.Company 3:Attended on 21st January.After interview the feedback got was position filled through internal hiring.

4.Company 4:Attended on 25th January.Result same as company 1.

5.Company 5: Attended on 8th March.Interview went only for 10 minutes.Very low level of the interview.Got rejected.

6.Company 6:Attended on  22nd March.Cleared all three rounds.Sent them the salary slips and all required documents .Salary negotiation done.Filled background verification form.No offer letter yet.They say its on hold.

I am loosing my patience big time. Don’t want to say anything more.

See ya folks.No idea when I would again come  back to this place,to pen down my thoughts.I do read all your posts.

Thank you all for writing regularly.Feel happy reading you all.Special thanks to Lifi. Her everyday post makes me smile wide.

Take Care everyone.