Miss M…

is my soon to be 17 months old daughter

I was putting her to sleep while composing a blog post in my mind.She had almost drifted off too sleep when she suddenly woke up kissed her dad and smiled.She rolled towards me did the same and started blowing flying kisses.

Since then its 1 hour and still there are no signs of the kiddo going off to sleep.In the meanwhile the post that i had mentally prepared has vanished magically.

The little monster is playing with her dad and I a wondering what to actually write today.

Well let me write some random stuff on Miss M:

1.Its more than 2 months that she is walking ,she explores the whole house favorite places being kitchen and bathroom.In kitchen she bangs utensils till they cry of pain,manages to throw onions/potatoes off the shelf.
There is also endless stirring of pots and yummy dishes are prepared by her;-) Master Chef in making.

2.Everyday bath time is tough time,reason she is so fond of water that she wouldn’t to come out of bathroom

3.She is scared of Santa Clause and Mac Donald.In her daycare during Christmas Celebration she cried buckets at the sight of santa. The.The mention of the word Mac Donald is enough to scare her,though she enjoys the rhyme ‘Old mac Donald had a farm’

4.Her favorite toys are mamma’s hair accessories and clothes line clip.

5.On New year eve we went out for dinner and she managed to embarrass her parents by demanding food from everyone’s table and the servers.She royally ignored the food that I carried from home.We had to order for plain paneer pieces which she gulped down in a jiffy which when given at home is thrown all over the carpet and hardy a piece reaching the mouth.

6.She has adjusted well in her daycare,though we will soon be changing it ,much too my disappointment 😦
I will write about it in a separate post.The only complain that I get is she drinks very less water.Also if i carry other kids she comes and pushes them off my lap 😦

7.She is a fashion freak.The new hairband or dress are admired by her and she stands in front of the mirror and sees herself from all angles.

8.Big fan of dogs.We have stood on streets to admire dogs.

9.Loves to speak on phone,cell phone or land line.She will pick the phone says “aao” (for hello) give flying kisses ,wave her hand to say bye and will promptly keep back the phone.

10.She has learnt to climb the bed on her own,which ensures we immediatly escort her as soon as she enters the room.This is keeping us on our toes.

Well too tired and sleepy,will continue this post and make a separate post 😉

See you all tomorrow,Good Night 🙂


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