My blog turns 1..

My blog’s happy birthday to you was yesterday 🙂

It turned a year old. It has been a great journey for me.I would really want to thanks my blog friends as I owe this beautiful journey to them.

1. I made some lovely friends through blogs and also got to meet some of them.

2. The blog meets that I attended were amazing.

3. Drafting posts has improved my thinking capacity, usage of words and learnt many phrases and new words by reading posts of other bloggers.

4.By reading  blogs I am kept updated about the news books that have come up in the market and reviews that you people publish tempts to read some good books like ‘Shiva Trilogy’, ‘Not Without My Daughter’ (watched a movie) to name a few.

5. And of course my cooking skills have been polished by reading the food blogs and also the enthusiasm that you people have towards cooking is so impressive and that I too got motivated.

6. The comments that you people leave on my posts really encourages me.

7. It almost happens all the time that after I have publish my post, I realize there are several spelling/grammatical mistakes, it must be so bugging for you all to read a post with mistakes and typos but you never complain.

8. Mostly my posts are not informative as such, they are mainly snippets from my life .They may sound kiddish but you all read it and comment on it,I really appreciate your patience.

9. The mommy bloggers I really thank you a lot and your kids. The posts on the kids are so adorable and so sweet, I really enjoy a lot reading them. It brings a smile on my face J

10.There is so much information on your blog about places –in terms of travelogue, the real life experience that you all share, general awareness, updated news , thought provoking posts and the posts about your childhood days takes me down the memory lane and I find myself nodding to all the mischiefs that you write, because even I did the same J

It has been a fun, leaning and a great experience for me. Hope to continue my journey  but then that is possible with support of you wonderful people. Hope to continue getting your love and support 🙂

Love you all 🙂



Reality shows and the message that they spread

Sometime last month in one of the episodes of ‘Dance India Dance’ for kids Rani Mukherjee was invited as a guest celebrity.

There was this little kid ‘Om’ from North East India who was asked to propose Rani Mukherjee for marriage and accept it only if she knows how to roll a chapatti.

So wheat dough and rolling pin were brought and she was asked to roll a chapatti. She did that and then the roti was displayed to check if it was really round. When everyone was satisfied with the shape the actress asks the kid if she qualifies the criteria of getting married. The kid says yes and everyone claps.

Now you must be wondering why I am writing all this.

Let me explain.

It was a kids show and somehow I got the feeling that we are conveying a message that how so ever successful a woman is, still she needs to know cooking and other household stuff to get married.

One side we talk about equal opportunity for girls and boys and on other hand we spread the message of need for a woman to know cooking.

When a girl gives in equal effort to be successful then why is this criteria of cooking be restricted to girls only? She too invested her time in coming in par with the boys then why do we expect girls to know everything?

In country like ours where media plays such an important role and creates a huge impact on the minds of people especially young generation aren’t such shows spreading a wrong message?

The show had kids from age group of 8 to 13.At such tender age whatever values we give to kids would help them to grow up as good adults.

Will not the kids learn that when they grow up and get married, they are supposed to sprawl on the sofa and let the wife do all the cooking, because cooking is something which a girl is supposed to do?

May be I am over reacting. It was just a show and whatever was telecasted was for fun. But somehow I felt the message that it conveyed was not right.

Any thoughts on this?