And I stand guilty..

On Monday 18th Feb we had our family day party in office. I dint attend the party but 2 of the girls whom I know had attended this function. One of them is married (S) and the other is single (J). They pinged me the link of the shared folder where they had kept pics of the event.
I shared the link with my team-mates. Later when I accessed the link to see the pictures I realized there were two folders one which had pics of J where she had gone to Pondicherry. The other folder had the pics of the family day even but it had photos only of J, her two friends S and her husband.
As soon as my teammates saw the pics they came to me and told me that S’s husband is so thin, he looks sick, not in good health etc.
I just dint know what to tell them. What they said was right but still I was not expecting them to discuss all this openly.
I felt so guilty. Another problem is this girl S is kind of flirt by nature and she openly flirts with one of my teammate and this guy told ‘Her husband looks so sick and lean, no wonder she tries to gain attention of other guys’.
Though what he said is true but still I dint like the way things turned out to be. I am feeling terribly guilty.
I should have first checked the pics before sharing the link but I dint do that as:
1. I had asked J for family day pics,so I was sure it would be general pics of the vent.
2. If she is sharing the link of the folder which is on office LAN then definitely it will not be something which is not meant to be public.
Whatever it is I stand guilty of all that happened 

(I so wanted to write a happy wala post..but first wanted to take this guilt out of me.Will soon write something happy happy wala post :-))


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