Sad :-(

Yet again a suicide case in the city reason failure in love.All of us are so used to read such news.Most of the time we just read it and forget it in some seconds.
But this particular news just refuses to leave my mind.
This time the victim is a HR executive in my office who committed suicide last friday as she was betrayed by her lover.This incidence has left us in shock.
She was the one who would help new joiners with onboarding formalities.She would help employees on their last day with exit interviews.
The way she greeted the new joiners with a warm smile and the way she used to wish employees ‘All the best’ on their last day is something we all will remember for a long time to come.
Her bright smile and jovial way of greeting employees good morning could brighten anyone’s day.She had such a huge impact on every employee in the office.As we payed condoclence to her,everyones eyes were moist.
May her soul rest in peace and may God give enough strength to her family to bear this irreparable loss.


Refusing food prepared by others…

My mil is a wonderful person and am thankful to God for that .This post is not a rant nor do I have anything against her its just my attempt to understand her better.And you ask how?I have no guts to ask her personally but may be when you all read this then may be you can help me understand my mil better by giving me your valuable suggestions.

My owner gave us pongal sweets holige and onion pakoda.As soon as I was informed I started drooling at the thought of soft velvety holige going into my mouth and making my taste glands go happy after a long time.Hubby and me took some of it and offered some of it to my mil,which she point blank refused to even taste it.

There are similar incidences that have happened earlier too.Seema had parceled yummy brownie and dahiwada as a take away for us when we visited her place.*Thank you dear for being so generous*.My mil refused to even look at it (brownie I agree coz it had egg) but dhaiwada well I have no idea.Hubby snacthed the box from my hand and gulped the entire content of it and relished every bit of it.

(He was so impressed with her cooking that when I informed him that we will invite the bloggers to our place he was like “But Seema cooks so well what will you cook for her?You hardly know cooking.May be when they come I’ll get some outside food”.Thats the effect of her cooking on him :-))

The certain points I think because of which my mil does not eat food cooked by someone else are:


1.Person who gave us food,also cooks non veg at home:

I cannot agree with this point because my mil is ever ready to visit hotels for lunch/dinner.Though she has problem with hotels where non veg food is served but still she eats there and eats it BY CHOICE.So if she can eat at eating joints where non veg is prepared and served by the same person in the same vessels than why not from someones kitchen.


2.People while cooking do not care about hygiene:

Am sure food prepared in one’s kitchen would be much more hygienic than one prepared in hotles and not to forget the amount of love and effort that one has poured into making a dish.A hotel chef would just cook for the sake of cooking and not cook out of love.


3.The quality of food (oil,spices) may not be good:

Again I strongly disagrre home cooked food is always healthy than outside food.Secondly please break this mental block that what you cook and eat is of the best quality and what others eat is utter waste.(There are instances when she has indirectly pointed out that even my parents dont cook and eat good quality food,though a proper daal bafla churma meal with tons of ghee added is served to her everytime when she visits them).


4.Too hesitant to eat something new:

Ok I could have digested this but then she does try new dishes in the hotels and she recently also feasted on McDonalds Burger.So I am disqualifying this aspect too.


5.She thinks she might not like the taste :

Fair enough.I agree but till we dont taste it how would we know wether we will like it or not?.Its fine to taste it and not like it but its wrong not to taste itself


This habit of hers really bugs me a lot.I so want to understand what makes her deny food prepared by someone with so much love and efforts.It breaks my heart when she refuses to even look at the food.


I was just wondering the landords plates are still with us and we need to return them back..My mil asked me to cook some northindian dish to give them back as returning empty plates is not good.I completely agree .But what if my landlord thinks the same way my mil thinks and throw away the food ,will my mil like it?Will she not feel bad?If yes then how can she do the same with others.


Another thing that came to my mind,what if we were (hubby & I) not there what would she have done to the pongal sweets.Thrown away in the dustbin?Or give it to the maid?What if maid goes and tells the landlord ,wouldnt they feel bad?


Well I am clueless with this attitude of hers. May be some day I’ll be able to understand her better.Hope is all I have.

Some Random Post…

I guess Lord Venkateshwara is big time upset with me.Since my return from Tirupati I am facing one problem after the other.Dear lord trust me I dare not say anything against about you ,you are the supreme and most powerful one.when I did my post on ‘tirupati rant’ I meant was the man made bad arrangements and money minded people.Please forgive me dear God.

Well this is what happened:

First hubby and mil had viral infection and then my left hand elbow got swollen and was paining badly.All of us visited doctors and were put on medicines.In the meanwhile I yet again lost my wallet in Volvo with a monetory loss of 600 rs/- and my driving license and bank debit card too.We were on the verge of recovering when the antibiotics made my stomach upset and I got gastric pains.

This explains my absence from blog world and am immensely thankful to Seema and Summerscript for checking with me.Thank you girls 🙂

Saturday I called Seema and I again got to speak to two gorgeous dolls Mantam.They sang ‘Kolaveri di’ and some ‘piggy pig’ poem for me :-)We then made plans to meet Scribby but nothing got finalised  :-(Messaged Summercsript and hey RS I missed your number so couldnt wish you on Pongal.
Sunday we ate ‘ganna’ (sugar cane),oh it was fun.Hubby and mil peeled it for me and I royally sat down and ate it all 🙂
Since we were a sick family we dint make ’til ka laddoo’ for sankranti just bought the ready made ones.Had bath with ‘til’ water.

Evening hubby and me went to get the weekly quota of as I in my previous post said junk food makes me healthy.So I had a plate of hot momos and believe me my stomach was bit better 🙂

Returned home and mil informed that our dear landlord have given us pongal sweets..yayaya they gave 5 hot hot holige (poran poli) and onion pakodas.My mil refused to eat ( she does not eat food cooked in other’s kitchens but eats in hotels well thats a separate post).Hubby and me polished off the plate and even fought on that last piece of holige 🙂 As per hubby first time he was eating something so tasty as if I give him all sad and bland food.

Called mom to complain about the injustice that hubby was doing with me.She as usual supported him.Sometime I wonder how my mum has become so ‘dal badloo’ 🙂

I ate so much and again got stomach ache..Post dinner went for a walk,came back and had ENO.Later drifted to deep sleep hearing hubby’s snores as lullaby…Feeling better today.

@ Seema and Summerscirpt whats the plan to meet Scribby?

Firssttt tag and award :-)

Thank you deepsi for the tag and the award.Though I aplogize for taking it up so late.Plz dont spank me 🙂

The Rules for the Versatile Blogger Award says: Nominate 15 fellow Bloggers – Inform the Bloggers of their nomination Share 7 Random things about yourself – Thank the Blogger who nominated you Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your Blog Post

7 random things about me:
1.In eating joints I  order something and then shamelessely peep on to other tables to see what others are eating.I would then get tempted to eat what others have ordered rather than what is in fromt of me.
2.I love carnations over roses
3.I get pissed off when service providers (gas cylinder delivery man,taxi driver)asks for tips
4.I have a record of lossing my wallet 3 times in a duration of 8 months of my wedding (some side effect of marriage?? :-))
5.I am the unique one to use a smart phone as a normal phone and have no gprs and such activated on it
6.I love kids ,no doubt about it.
7.Eating all junk food makes me healthy and home cooked hygenic food makes me fall sick
Now I pass this to :
Rest all have already been tagged 🙂

Tirupati Visit and a rant…..

Friday I,left office and directly reached the railway station.Hubby and mil were coming from home.The train came and we boarded it.Mil had brought home made food we dined on it and went to sleep.Saturday morning reached Tirupati from there we took APSRTC bus to Tirumala where the temple is located.Reached Tirumala and went straight to Sapthagiri Guest house where our acomadation was pre booked.Took bath ,had breakfast and then headed towards the temple.

As expected it was a long wait.TTD(Tirupati Tirumala Devasthanam) had made arrangements to serve milk to all the pligrims.We finally reached to the ticket counter.We took a pass of 300rs/- per person and got in.And here the long wait started.They seved us with hot khicdi.The unending wait was making me impatient and kinda suffocated.We took 6 hours to finally reach the temple and were not even allowed for 6 second to stand in front of lord Balaji.

We had prasad of curd rice and we then collected our laddoos and came out.


Now we took some 10 hours to reach Tirumala and stood in the queue for 6 hours.And this wait in enclosed corridors made me feel suffocated.Out of some thousand people who came to visit the temple I guess I was the only one who had such a massive stroke of suffocation.There was no emergency gate through which I could come out.I was panting badly and struggling to breathe in.I get uncomfortable with huge cowd around me.Definitley it was my mistake I shoud not have gone to such crowded placed where I know I’ll not be able to handle the situation.People were making fun of me instead of co-operating with me.They accused us of trying to go ahead giving bad health as excuse.I was so badly ashamed.There was no way I could go out.

Somehow I just managed to complete the journey and finally had dharshan.Does it mean I was excited to at last have the darshan..No it was not the case.

Instead I thought was it worth to get through such trouble,create problem for my family and embarras ourselves in front of general public.(I am still not sure why were they making fun)

Would it not be better if instead of this I could sit at home remember God and make donations and help poor people.

I thought a lot that day.What would have happened if I would have died in the crowd.I was not able to continue and there was no emergency gate to escape.Who would have been happy in that case?Ofcourse not God,neither my family..then what was the purpose of this trip.God would rather be happy if I do some good deeds and think good of others.

So does it mean going to temple is illogical and millions of people who visit temple are fools?I am so confused,I am unable to decide what is the right approach to thank god for all what he has done for us.I can very well have a photo of God in my house,thank him and do good.

There were few glitches too which I felt there.In such a place where lakhs of people come everyday shouldnt there be a better infrastructure?A wider balcony and an emergency exit would be much better.God forbid but then what would have happened if there was any calamity?There was no way one could escap which means thousands of people would have been injured or worst may even die.Yet another case of what happened last year in sabarimala

Secondly I just could not understand the logic of paying money to get drashan of the lord.Who are we to collect money in the name of god?Are we all not equall in his eyes?Dont we all deserve to get equal oppurtunity to visit god.Taking money in the name of God is just not justified.

I dunno if my post is making any sense or not.I think instead of investing so much money,time and effort and physically hurting myslef to go to a place where I have to pay money to get dharshan I would rather be happy to stay at home and do good for others as much as I can.

Though this physical problem is mine others might be having statisfaction by getting the dharshan.Its just my view and others are free to not to agree.I have no intention of spreading any ill feeling neither I am criticizing these man made temples.This is what I feel and I have expressed my views here.I apologize in case if I have hurt anyones’ feelings.

The new year weekend…

Friday night after dinner hubby and me went for a walk to buy lays and kukure to eat while watching movie on the laptop.Returned back home made ourselves comfy and cozy and sat down to watch the movie Ra.One (yeah we are slow).Watched movie while munching on the junks and half way the movie I got super bored and dozed off.


Saturday morning for breakfast I planned to make veg frankie (kathi rolls).I was roasting the maida roti and a small bit of it broke as I tried to shift the roti from tava to the plate.That small part I put it in my mouth but it landed on my lower lip.It was so hot that my lip burnt and the skin turned white…as I write this it is still hurting me 😦

What a way to end a year in style 🙂


Washed truck load of clothes and prepared simple dinner of daal rice and arbi fry.

Slept for a while and then mil prepared amazing evening tea….again what a way to end new year mil preparing evening tea on weekend 🙂


Dinner was maggi pasta and maggi noodles..yummy 🙂

watched some TV and at the stroke of 12 we welcomed 2012…called my parents and wishesd them.Turned cell on silent and slept.Morning saw missed calls from my bros spoke to them for a while and prepared a simple breakfast of ‘Poha’.Soon after that hubby and me left for Innovative Film City in Bidadi near Bangalore.


There we tried our hands on arrow shooting ,gun shooting and I also got a tatoo done 🙂

there was a section ‘Wannado’ where you could dress up as policemen,traffic policemen etc.


We then had lunch in Food Court..yummy egg biryani and a north indian meal 🙂

Later we got into scary house and half way I got suffocated and came out :-(had a minor tiff with hubby on this.Not because I was feeling suffocated but he feels its only in my mind that I fear enclosed place (I know he is right,But I am unable to overcome this fear)

We then went to Aqua Park and what a blast we had.There was water and music,slides and rain dance…amazing 🙂

We then saw ‘Ripply’s Believe it or not’,’Wax Museum’,’Fossil Park’,’Dino Park’ and at last ‘Mirror Maze’ where I again got suffocated and dint even cross the two mirrors:-( Enjoyed some slides and munched on Bhel Puri along with coke and left the place back for Bangalore.While returning we did miss up on some turns and got lost on highway but fortunatly reached home safely.Had dinner and slepttttt 🙂


So that was how we welcomed 2012.Looking forward to a happy and healthy 2012 🙂