Ten ON Ten

For some 8-9 months much to my annoyance I have been a silent spectator because:

a) Word press is blocked in office

b)At home my 16 months old monkey does not me allow to use laptop without listening to the rhyme ‘5 little monkeys jumping on the bed’ in infinite loop.

I hope I could get back to writing some stuff on my blog. Though I read the posts of all my favorite bloggers:

1. RM being blessed with R2, the biggest news in the blog world. R becoming an elder sister to a little princess was the highlight

2. So much has happened in TP’s life. Sorry dear could not even comfort you during your bad times. Anyways forgetting all the bad please accept my heartiest congratulations to you and PK. When I read baby will be here in the month of May I almost jumped of my chair in happiness as I am May born too. Congratulations on PK’s new job as well.

3. Seema, am so happy to know you guys have all settled well in Australia. It was a brave move and you guys sailed it off successfully. Congratulations. I saw the recent pictures of ManTam, the fairies look all grown up.

4. Chucky is growing up fast. Lifi’s move to new city, selling off the house and starting the new life, all went very well. Congratulations to you dear on the new jobs. Hope your blood reports came good.

5. OMG, LHB is all grown up to travel with his dad to India. Adi as usual is super awesome, attending over night camp. The girl has for sure grown up.

6.When I read about Volt ,I keep nodding my head to whatever Summerscript writes as same thing is been done at my home by my kiddo. They both appear to be similar in their nature.

7. Many congratulations Tharani for completing 3 awesome years of togetherness with your better half.

8. MomOfRS where have you suddenly disappeared. It is so good to read about your and twins life in US.I loved that grain art. Congratulations to you and your kids for getting awarded as best parent and best students awards.

9. Pepperedthoughts please write about all the hectic and happy time you had attending weddings, baby shower and also the Kerala trip. Hope your Bil is recovering well from the surgery.

10.GreenBoochi,you are simply talented. Your food and art is to die for. Congratulations for your new house in Chennai. Hope you get to stay with your hubby real soon.

Does it look like I have summarized the happenings in my favorite bloggers lives? Trust me guy I miss this space. But I am genuinely happy that atleast I get to read all yours posts on my phone. I promise myself to write some more here. Hoping that you guys will continue updating your blogs.