Life is Bliss..

 Am really enjoying these days,mum dad are here.I have coined a phrase ‘Dear don’t fear mum is hear’ 🙂

I am getting pampered to no end. Breakfast,lunch and dinner is served as if I am a queen.Aah the comfort that only parents can give. I am reaching home early these days and the mum is ready with some snacks and hot ginger tea.

Morning milk comes and gets boiled,courtesy dad.Breakfast cooked,lunch packed magically while I still lay in bed. My mum is spoiling me big time but I am enjoying every bit of it 😉 How our parents look after us even at this age when we ourselves are in a age to have kids….sigh.

The luxury of being with parents cannot be replaced by anyone because others would never step into our shoes to understand how difficult it is to handle both home and office. Its only mom who would understand because she has always treated her daughter as princess and now she cannot see her struggling to manage both home and office.How I wonder if someone else could do the same for us but then…

I keep telling her to not do all the cooking herself as she may get tired but she gives me excuse saying that at home she anyways cooks for two people (dad and herself) and so cooking for one more person (thats me) is not going to make her tired. Well I remain speechless in such cases.I know some women who thinks they are treated as servants if they cook for even one person extra (especially for dil),its so sad and breaks my heart 😦

My house is sparkling clean these days with dad cleaning all window panes and mum scrubbing and making my kitchen counter and gas stove shine. She also got rid of all the cockroaches in the kitchen and my house is now free of all sorts of roaches. She made ghee with the cream in the fridge while I just sat back and gossiped with dad.

Last week when I got up to get ready for office ,my mum had already packed up lunch with roti,rice,daal and stuffed brinjal. Its was first time after my marriage that I took 4 dishes (complete lunch) to office. It had never happened earlier.

My parents were like Santa Claus when they came all loaded with gifts and sweets.

1.Box of kaju katli

2.Assorted box of sweets

3.Tomato and laung sev

4.Packet of almonds

5.Home made snacks

6.Gold pendant

7.Silver tumbler

8.Idli pot

9.Pickles (mango,red chilies and lemon)

10.Home made mouth freshener of sweet amla

11.3 set of bracelets

Friday we went to hospital as my mum is having some sensation in her right hand fingers all the time(something like when we press/tie our fingers tightly and then leave it so due to blood flow being hampered it causes some sensation).We met a neuro physician there and he said a nerve in the palm is the culprit which is causing this problem. Because of this mum is not able to pick things using her right hand but still she wants to do all the cooking and take care of dad and me.

Saturday we went to Malleshwaram and got our hands heena painted. I was surprised the way the mehndi artist bargain. On one side I thought to apply mehndi on my own but I was too lazy to hunt for some good designs. The guy there said 75 rs/- per hand and we bargained and brought it down to 50/- :-)So my two palms and mum’s one palm got decorated in 150 rs/- with a small tattoo type design for dad for free 🙂

We visited some temples had dinner of roti ,green peas and veg fried rice. My mum bought a cute pair of slippers for my niece and some more random stuffs to carry back home.

Sunday we celebrated ‘gangaur’ ,festival for married women for long life of there husbands ,something like karva chauth sans the fast.(why no fasts/pooja for husbands for long life of their wives?)

My cousins came over and we had a great time .Did pooja and had lunch obviously all prepared by mum.

Another one week and then my parents would return back to their hometown.The thought itself is making me depressed


One request to all my readers based out of Bangalore.If incase any one of you know railway agents who gives confirm reservation tickets,kindly let me know at the earliest.


Mixed Feeling….

Hubby is leaving this Friday for his hometown for not 1 but 2 weeks , ofocurse I am sad not because I’ll miss him but because who will bring milk everyday in the morning and who will load the washing machine ? 🙂

But the silver linning is my parents are coming here on Monday night..yayayya
So from Friday night to Monday evening I’ll be home alone….

Now you might ask why arent my parents coming early ie.before hubby leaves?Well thats exactly what I asked my mum and dad.Actually hubby would reach Bhopal (my hometown) on saturday night at around 11.He has to then catch another train for his place which is some 45 minutes from Bhopal.He gets a connecting train from Bhopal but incase the 1st train gets late then he would miss the 2nd train.In such case he would have to stay on railway station and wait for the next train which is around 4:30 in the morning (night?)

My parents cant see their precious Son inlaw waiting on the railway station.So they want him to come home,stay overnight and then leave next day (sunday).Hence they booked their ticket for sunday evening.

Isnt it little too much?I mean the daughter can stay alone for 2 days but son inlaw should not spend a night alone on the railway station.See how parents change,bhagwan its definitley a kalyug 🙂

I have asked my parents to bring my lisence since I have lost one and I am not able to ride my activa.Soon I’ll be back on road riding my darling.Well how I have 2 lisence ,please read this :

I have mixed feeling.Feeling of being lonely as hubby would be leaving me alone for 2 weeks and happy that my parents are coming to stay with me.
My weekend would be boring without my better half but would give me sometime to speak to my friends and meet one of them who came for my wedding all the way from Bangalore to Bhopal but I couldnt meet him after that ie. almost a year now.

So looking for the weekend with mixed feelings.Lest see how it goes!!!


On Friday afternoon I suddenly felt like having noodles. Messaged hubby and he agreed. I reached home and called SS and Seema to invite for bloggers meet at my home on Sunday.SS agreed immediately but I couldn’t reach Seema and messaged her to pass me RS’s number (sorry dear somehow I had missed your number 😦 )

So left for dinner at Beijing Bites and had dragon rolls,Singaporean noodles,veg fried rice and veg balls in garlic sauce.

Later we went for a drive and headed towards Brigade Road,well this was a big mistake. Namma Bengaluru is not a right place to wander off at any time after 9:00 PM.

The brigade road was occupied by beggars and rich but crack headed drunkards. These people were throwing currency notes and all the beggars were fighting and shouting to collect the notes. What surprised me was if a male beggar would try to pick the note the rich drunkard would yell at him and would allow only female beggars to come near him,touch him and then he would give them a note.

One particular drunkard was luring a girl of about 10 years with a note. No idea what were his intention and I prayed that girl might be safe.

Since it was getting late we quickly rushed to McDonald and grabbed a coke float each,we hurriedly gulped it down and left the place. Reached home and slept.

Saturday morning I spoke to Seema regarding the blogger meet .She said she was fine if RS could also join us ,so that we could get to meet everyone. Took RS’s cell number and messaged her. She said she had to attend a pooja at her aunt’s place. Called and informed Seema and she decided we could meet some other time. Informed the same to SS who was all set to come.

Sorry guys the end time planning dint work,next time I’ll inform in advance.

At present my refrigerator is loaded with 2 bottles of Pepsi,maza and appy and raw ingredients to cook some dishes which I bought for the bloggers and have no idea what to do with it 😦

Saturday evening we went to Sanky Tank and then later to Mantri Mall. Came back home and slept.

Sunday too was spent in lazying around and in the evening went to titan Store to get 5 watches repaired. The lady behind the counter smiled at us seeing 5 watches but she dint say anything 🙂

Came home and slept.

On other note I am just a mediocre in English language but still would like to share this mail which I got from one of my colleague:

Hi All,

Tirupati Prasadam @ my desk please contribute your selves.



I was wondering what was that we were to contribute for ourselves but stayed quite, just went and took the prasad 🙂

I was discussing the brigade road scene with my teammate. She told me since she had to catch a KSRTC bus for her home town so she and her husband were there at MG Road at around 11 in the night. They saw couple of girls boozing and smoking and few of them were dancing on the road itself and by looks it appeared that they were north Indians.

She also added that most of the northindian girls are ‘characterless’ and are ‘spoilt’.Well and she said this to me a ‘North Indian’ girl.

Silence from my side not knowing how to make her change her mindset. Just diverted the discussion and as usual she took the discussion on to her favorite topic ‘Bitching about Mil’ .

All about pesky people around me…

Scene 1:

You are sitting in your cubicle concentrating hard on your work. Suddenly you hear your newly engaged female colleague speaking on the phone with her fiance using all those cheesy and mushy words. You get distracted you are not able to work and constantly making errors. You understand her excitement of getting engaged so instead of telling her publicly to go out and speak you ping her on ip messenger. She agreed to be careful but still continues to speak at the same pitch. Slowly you get irritated and make more and more mistakes. You again ping and in a good humor tell her that people around her understand Hindi and it is not good to make our life public. She says sorry but continues without lowering her voice.

You are in angry mood because you have to do the rework for the errors that you made. She comes to you and asks you that if she is speaking on phone then why the hell you have a problem. You try to explain her as an elder sister that it looks cheap when people hear us talking personal stuffs and they get disturbed. Also it gives an impression that we are too casual about our work.

She gets angry goes back to her desk asks others if they too had issues with her talking on phone. She then comes back and publicly blasts you right and left ,yells and leaves cursing you. You are stunned you want to yell back but then sense prevails you and you realize you are a senior resource with 4+ years of exp. and have a reputation you cant be ruining it that for a girl who has just 6 months of corporate experience. We cant shout and yell in our workplace like rowdy and we need to maintain some decorum.

The girl cries and tries to get sympathy from others and you curse yourself of trying to be too good to first explain her,her mistake and secondly for not escalating the matter.

Scene 2:

You reach home in the evening,as you climb the stairs you meet your landlady and her college going daughter along with the other tenant who is a mother of a year old boy. You greet them and they tell you how tired you must be getting after office and then cooking at home,you just smile and inform them that your husband helps with the kitchen chores. They look at you in disbelief and asks you when will your mil be back so that she can take up the cooking task. You inform them that even if she is here you do the morning cooking and she just helps. They collectively stare at you and you kinda feel awkward.

The college going daughter asks you why you go by BMTC bus and your husband by Activa. I mean boss why are you interfering so much,don’t you have anything better to do??There are much more lucrative stuffs to do then just gossiping..well I tell her that I have lost my wallet and license and she says , “oh you are so careless”.

Scene 3:

You are speaking to your aunt- in law and she tells you to enjoy staying alone when your husband will be out of town for 15 days (she will never leave her daughter for a single day).You inform her that your parents are worried as how you will stay alone when she quickly says “but you stayed alone for 4 years why cant you stay alone now”.

My point is I stayed alone (but not practically alone) in a hostel where there were 35 other girls ,it was a different story altogether.

She then tells me call your parents for 15 days. They can stay with you till your husband comes back.

My point:Don’t my parents have other work to do then to come and stay with me,as husband has to go out of town and then go back when my husband comes back.

She asks you that do you get tired after coming back from office (how can I get tired I am a dil ,working willingly and I have no right to get tired) you say ‘yes’ then she says “slowly you will get habitual”.WTH your daughter is a princess for you she needs rest but then a dil is expected to take all the burden and slowly get used to it.

All the above mentioned people except the landlady are educated people but still the way they think boils my blood. I complained about to it to my hubby he asked me to ignore such people. He cant go and tell them to be sensible they are our relatives ,colleague and we have to stay with them. Just learn to say ‘yes’ to everything they say and move forward rather then banging your head over such issues. I agree he is right but its just that I am different than him and his way of handling people is different from mine. I cannot take anything that is not right and I fight back but according to him sometimes its better to stay quite.

I was mad at my aunt-inlaw. Her daughter is not able to find a job and she is telling me that if I don’t work I’ll get bored sitting at home and that I am working willingly. Dear aunty its also about one’s talent to get a job (and necessity too).Wont your daughter get bore as she has no job and another one month for her to complete the degree and you have no intention of making her work. But then her daughter should stay at home ,sit and relax,she will neither leave her daughter for a day anywhere nor will leave her husband. And she asks me to stay alone and enjoy.

(2 months back also she told me to take a month’s leave and go home and my husband can take care of himself.Ya let your daughter get married I will then ask you to call her for a month leaving her husband behind)

Moreover you speak bad about your own fil who is not mentally sound ,what if I talk bad about my mil or any of your relative,how would you feel but then you have all the right to speak ill about your 80+ father-in law.

But I cant back answer coz I am a dil and if I do speak then the verdict would spread amongst all the relative that I am so rude ,back answers and this would eventually leave a black mark on me. On that I worry about that but this would further lead to sentences like “her parents have taught her nothing”.Why should my parents be blamed when these people themselves are wrong?

Since I kinda back answered my aunt in-law I felt bad. The words echoed in my head and they refused to leave me. I couldn’t have a sound sleep. I felt guilty. My husband told me I waste my energy and time thinking about these people. Its better to say quite,let them say what they want and then disconnect the call. Instead of back answering and spoiling my image and then feeling guilty about it.

I guess its all because of my bad temper that I immediately revolt when someone says something wrong. I fight and argue as I believe accepting wrong is beyond my limits. I think I need to learn to stay quite in front of relatives and let them say what they want. Its really tough for me but I’ll try my best to implement it.

Well I sign off in a grumpy mood but request all of you to kindly suggest how to handle these people especially the relatives