Rajashtani Thali…

Since mom is here daal/bafla was must to be cooked.This food make us drool.The trick is too have it for lunch.Later it will make you feel so heavy and only thing you will be able to do is to look for a place to sleep and go to hibernation.

Mom in action :-) Mom in action 🙂

The final platter sans gatte ki sabzi and churma The final platter sans gatte ki sabzi and churma

Salad.. Salad..

Thali is ready... Thali is ready…

I will post the recepies in the next post…


11 thoughts on “Rajashtani Thali…

  1. Hey you make this at home?I bow to you 🙂
    You dont like bharta..does it cause itching in the throat?If yes then dont try the roasted one instead try the boiled one..sorry for un-neccessary gyan 🙂

  2. You come to Bangalore I will cook this platter for you..the only thing is it will be a exepriment on you as I would be cooking this for first time 🙂
    Please give me sometime,will share the password with you.

  3. It is not fair on ur part to put such yumm looking food with pic.. 😛

    Actually it is not fair coz, I am reading this @ office @ 9:30 Pm when my stomach is growling for food and I still hv to wait for another 1 hr before I go home n have food..
    😥 sob sob

  4. oh dear why so late in office..some release is it?
    You walk down on any weekend to my place, we will cook this and have a nice time 🙂

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