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“The Banglorean Monsters-The Autowalas”

This was written long back ,at present 1 Km is 9 rs/- and the minimum amount is now 17 rs/-

 I still remember my first weekend in Bangalore I met my friend .He warned me to stay careful from the autowalas’.He said,”They would charge you like hell as their meters are tamperd and we being from north India failing to understand their language further worsens the situation “.

 Similar statements were made by every other person i met.I was so badly scared by these people that I started to imagine auto drivers as yetanother version of Veerapan.

1)One weekned I hailed a rick from JP Nagar to Marathalli, i dont remember the exact amount that I paid.I got down from the auto and was very impressed that the driver had dropped me ,exactly where i wanted to.I happily told my friend that my first exp.with the auto driver was really good.But the second moment all my happiness faded away as my friend told him that I had paid 30 rs/- extra.On my way back he dropped me on his bike to check the total kms travelled.We took the same route as the auto guy and on reaching the said place it was 5 km less of wat displayed on rick’s meter. I turned silent and my friend smiled and said “Welcome to the land of tampered meters”.

 2)Once while going to some palce  15 kms from my place the meter displayed 93 rs/- ,it was quite satisfying but all my satisfaction was drowned in Ulsoor lake (a lake in bangalore) when my return journey by the same route cost me around 128 rs/-.

3)Once I got into an auto .when i reached my destined place i refused to pay him the amount dispalyed on the meter was way too much,initally he too argued with me (both of us were cursing each other in hindi)  but the moment i told him that i frequently travel on that route and it never costs me that much and made him believe that i know his meter is tampered.He suddenly forgot hindi and started cursing me in his native language.He refused to return my money and he sped away in his auto leaving me to stand there helpless.The only thing i could do was to stamp my feet and utter “damn these autowalas”.

 4)On some similar occassion when i was arguing with some auto driver (yeah if nothing great happens to me in Bangalore,I would at least master the skill of arguing with people around me) i said in an angry tone just to scare him that i have made a note of his auto number and would complain it to the police.To this he gave me an astonishing reply “Why do you want to take trouble going to police station in a bus,come sit in my auto and i’ll take u there and help you lodge a complain against me”.I was speechless and clueless not knowing what to do next.

 5)An intresting incident occured when I along with my two more friends were returning from Gaduda Mall.All the auto wala declined to come with us as they wanted us to pay them 20rs/- extra.(i guess they think that as we are stepping out of the mall we are immensely rich and its their right to charge more from us).One of my friends went and complained it to the the police man standing near by.He stopped one of the autos’ for us and said something in kannada to him after which he agreeded to take us in his auto.We happily got into it but as soon as we disappered from the policemen’s sight he stopped the auto and asked us to get down.He asked us to pay rs/- 12 that was minimum for 2 km where in we had just covered few meters.We refused to pay him and got the down from the auto but one of our friend couldnt get down as the driver held the the gate and threatend us that if we dont pay him he would take our friend and leave her in some isolated place.We were scared to death and immediatley paid him and rescued her.We then dialled 100 and made a complain against that driver also mentioning his auto no.(which we had noted down).The policemen on other side of the phone tried to convince us not to take such steps as it would land us into problems which included regular coming to police station.Besides no action would be taken and the auto driver would be set free after giving some warning.

 If these law makers themselves dont help us then who  else will help??

 The meters of these autos say “TO HIRE”.Ideally they should not say ‘NO’ to any of the passengers as these autos are meant for public to commute.I really get annoyed when these people charge extra giving excuses like :

1.There is too much of traffic today (btw when is bangalore free of traffic)

2.Its raining (what has rains to do with charging more,when distance covered is same) 3.sometimes they give lame excuses like “after dropping you while returning I wont get any passenger”(what do they expect me to accompany them back to the same point where i hailed the auto)

4.”its weekend today so you have to pay extra”.

 Worst of all even police people fail to help us.Hence our fight and struggle to handle these auto drivers remian the same and the question “What is police doing?” remains unanswered.



Tales of online booking …….

 One fine evening I returned back from office to see hubby waiting for me anxiously.

This is how the conversation went:

 He (looking all happy and excited):baby i am going to give u a surprise,wanted to keep it a secret ,just dat couldnt digest but wen i give u plz pretend to be surprised ok?

Me:Oh gr8!!after telling this u expect to react as if i have been surprised,how dumb is dat?

He:Arre to isse mein prblem kya hai..anyways now u guess wo surpise kya hai?

Me:Ok now if u can stop this drama and tell me  wat is it?

He:It will come to u in some 15 days and u wanted it badly.

(Aah dis hint made it clear wat it was but wait i am suppose to be surprised)

Me:Oh dear..u gonna get me a bean bag,right?

He:S**t u got it …y did u guess it correctly?

Me:!@$% one crazy man i married

 After 15 days :

Me:hey i was suppose to get a surprise where it it?

He:Oh ya good u reminded,wait i’ll call

 (He calls some conversation done,disconnects the call looking little sad)

 He:Oh this online booking is bulls**t


He:They said it will be delivered next saturday

Me:ok,to ismein problem kya hai,nxt saturday karva chauth hai good i’ll get it dat day na.

 (Some smiles from him)

 Next saturday after waiting for the gift entire day on empty stomach:

 Me:Where is my gift..i think u dint even book it 😦

He:No no i swear i booked it..they messed it

 (Again some calls hubby giving big time lecture to the vendor,nothing helped so he calls snap deal from where he booked it)

 He (repeating the above gyan):something on customer staisfaction blah blah..

 (After some 10 minutes of heated conversation)

 He:Ok cancel the deal and return my money.I am never ever going book thru snapdeal again and will never recommend others

 (he disconnects the call and turn to me)

Me(open motuh and staring him):how dare u cancel the deal,u dont love me anymore so u dint want to spend money (one drama queen that I am)

He:Arre after fasting for the whole day for me end of the day u are cursing

Me:So wat do u expect me to do?

He:They said they will deliver it by wednesday ,if not then they will cancel the deal.We’ll go and get the bean bag directly from the shop



Wednesday evening:

 He:I called them ,they apologized and have canceled the deal,they will refund our money

Me:silence from my side just glares him

 Thursday evening:

 He:baby i again have a surprsie for u

Me:oh plz i dont want any more surpsies

 (He steps out into the balcony makes some calls and comes back)

 At 8:30 PM,door bell rings,i open the door.

 Some guy:Is Mr.lamp there?

Me:Yes (Hubby comes talks to him,give him money and he goes off)

He:Baby see camel coloured bean bag for you.

Me:(Looks at the bean bag and then looks at him and then suddenly jumps at him) oh baby i love u,thank you so much.

I then plonked myself on the bean bag looking all happy and smiling after all I have really been surprsied 🙂

Peace now prevails and we live happily ever after 🙂


Confused Mind …..

Today is the ‘Aohi Ashtmi’ fast kept by mothers for the good will of their sons. MIL called up in the morning to do.I had denied earlier too as I have no kids now. On one side I am happy that I was able to convince my mil that doing this fast now does not hold any significance. But some where in my heart I am feeling guilty and a kind of fear as if I am doing something wrong. Guilty because I know somehere mil’s feeling might have got hurt and fear coz I feel in future everything may go smoothly in matters related to my kid. One confused state I am in today.Its coz of this state of my mind where I feel one should not be asked to keep fast nor should be given any gyan related to religious stuff. Lets this be one’s own very personal decision. I will pray to God that everything may go smoothly in future.

Goofiness of RTO officers..Eeeerrr….my goofiness!!!

Curtain up:

Scene 1:Morning 8AM at home

I am getting ready to leave for office and packing the stuffs in my bag & I realize my wallet is missing.I ask my mil she has no clues.Thought that may be hubby took it to take money and must have left it somewhere (which is impossible,anyways i was trying to find a bakra on whom i could put the entire blame of misplacing my wallet).Anyways waiting for him to return back (he had gone to get milk).I ask him and he gives me a have_u_lost_ur_mind_why_will_i_take_ur_wallet look.Anyways so all three of us start on a mission to search the lost wallet but the effort goes futile.

Scene 2:Morning 10 AM in office

I make franatic calls to all the banks to block the cards.I realize  I have too many cards where in I hardly have any money,aah show off u see,paise nahi hai to kya hua cards to hai :-)Suddenly something strikes me oh i also had driving liscence and pan card in my wallet.But wait a minute why was I carrying DL i dont drive here in bangalore.One crazy girl/woman that I am.Pan card was easy to re-apply online with a minimal fees of Rs/- 97 (u must be thinking how i knw,coz this is the second time i lost my pan card,hehehe)The challenge was to get a duplicate lisence for which a police complaint was required.

Scene 3: 7 in the evening in Police station along with hubby

Am really excited to see the police station hehhehe.Getting the complaint lodgged in english coz the DL was issued in Bhopal where people wouldnt understand kannada.Then suddenly the lady police inspector says she is not able to find the rubber stamp with english letters. Requests and pleads from our side to search the said rubber stamp.Finally she finds it ,work done yayayya.After 2 days I was going to my hometown,hubby adviced to apply for duplicate liscence.

Scene 4: At home in Bhopal

Dad calls up the agent and explains him the entire story.He says “500 rupay dene honge’.Dad and me reach RTO bribe him and then applied for a duplicate DL.I left happily for bangalore and dad collected the duplicate DL

Few days later mom dad were coming to blore to meet us (me & hubby).

Scene 5: At home in bangalore.

Dad gives me 2 DL.For a moment am confused wat…how…why… i mean 2 DL!!!Another example of govt office goofy work.

Flash Back:Few years (or wait make it as many years)back when i got my first voters id card at the age of 18,i got 2 of them and in both they spelt my name wrong,it was another hectic task of cancelling one where election commitee was not ready to accept that i am only 1 person and i have no sister/clone,my parents got confused do they really have two daughters 🙂

Back to Present:But wait,the photo on one of them looks similar to the one in my old DL.The other DL has different photo.

Me to dad: how come they (RTO) managed to mess up big time.

Dad (after 27 years realized that his daughter is crazy):Dear they dint mess up ,its u who messed it up

Me:Oh common how can u blame me,wat did i do?

Dad(with a grin):You never lost your DL,u send it to me last year for some photo identity proof,remember.

Me (Mouth wide open): wat????

Mom,dad and hubby all ROFTLing and I was speecheless (probably first time in life) and smiling .

Curtain Down.

What the …??Days

Am currently into a situation where every thing is going wrong.U know ‘kharab grah‘ an all that.

So lets start but before that ladies and gentlemen plz hold on to ur chairs tightly as u r likely to fall off the chair laughing.

Day 1:Monday Night:

In office I read RM’s post on how she made pakodam.So inspired from her I thought of having stuffed brinjal and mixed veg pakoda for dinner along with rotis.All set I proceeded to make the said stuffs.Now as they say ‘When things have to go wrong they will’.The stuffed brinjals go straight into the wok with some oil.2 min later my kitchen was filled with aroma of all spices.Perfect!!!

I then made a batter of besan along with chopped veggies and I smell something different.Oh this is not how the brinjal smells ,thought I.

Just to make sure if everything is fine I removed the lid and wat do I see ..brinjals getting burnt..oh wait how can i see them dying ..plz god do some magic.I prayed to all the Gods above to save my dear brinjals.Midst of all this I realized I haven’t still switched off the gas…oopps am seriously nuts.In a hurry I switched off the gas with my right hand which was immersed in the besan batter which means an additional task of cleaning the gas knob 😦

Oh and I forgot to say this subzi was getting cooked in non stick..ya ya am dat gr8 to burn the veggies in non stick vessel.Anyways removed the brinjals threw away the burnt spices added more oil and placed the brinjals back.Finally things looked settling down.But of course in my case how can things come to the right track so soon.There has to be some more drama.

So then came the besan pakoda.The first batch goes successfully in the wok.I thought how can things be normal so soon.

Suddenly I see the pakodas have stuck to the vessel and they refuse to come out .Somehow I managed to put everything  in place just dat few pakodas were undercooked and some were wat at least i cooked 🙂

Now humans do make mistake nothing wrong but the art is to find a person on whom you can put the entire blame.

In above case:Whom to blame: Definitely RM…hehhehe she gave me the idea of making pakodas (she should have given the warning this dish to be cooked by someone expert in cooking like her,not to be tried by beginners :-))

Silver lining:Called hubby and informed him of my kitchen disaster. He returned back from office with a pack of donuts 🙂

Day 2:Tuesday Night:

After amazing dinner of Gobi cheese partaha and knor soup I set to clean the vessels.Suddenly a loud bang hubby comes running to kitchen my eyes closed heart beating faster than ever.Slowly I open my eyes to see pieces of glass shattered everywhere.Oh where am I,wat happened,wat was this loud sound and from where did these glass pieces come.It was like coming back to consciousness after the anesthesia weans off.

Suddenly i saw one of the glass bowl missing then realized aah its broken.The bowl has left me for ever.I closed my eyes and said my condolences.RIP my glass bowl

Whom to blame: The absconding maid.In her absence I had to do the vessel cleaning.

Silver lining:I was then pampered silly by hubby (as he thought i might have got hurt) and he then himself got down to pick the glass pieces 🙂

Day 3:Wednesday Morning:

Have to reach office early.Got up at 7 quickly got ready and decided to have lunch outside.Hubby dear with all love cooked daal and rice to rescue my upset stomach from outside food.Glod bess this guy,i married a gem u see 🙂 I was asked to put the tadka.I readily agreed.With  a pair of tongs removed the daal vessel from the cooker and lo wattt??? the tongs slipped and kitchen counter and floor all coated with hot piping daal.My heart sank oh my daal prepared with so much love.Anyways somehow managed to put the tadka and fill my dabba with steaming hot daal and then the lid of the dabba came coming off coz of the steam formed.Carried the daal dabba  holding as if i was carrying a baby with all love and passion.Ofcourse hubby dear prepared with so much love and care.

Whom to blame:Ofocurse hubby ,he was the one who insisited on cooking.

Silver lining:Had ‘pati dev ke haat ka ghar ka khana‘ and also since he was ‘working from home’ (which means ‘work for home:-)) he cleaned and mopped the kitchen floor and counter 🙂

I hope I had enough of these days .Hope to get back to normal days soon!!!

The D day!!!

The day finally arrived after waiting for a whopping 2 years to start my blog.Though there was no reason for this procrastination.
Aaah blame it on my laziness 🙂
Anyways better late than never…
So here I am all new to the world of blogging..Wish me luck guys.Hope I continue to write and keep my blog live and kicking 🙂