My many firsts in 2011 :-)

In my life till now 27 new years have come and gone.But I guess this was the year which saw my life turning and taking a new direction (ofcourse for good).I had a great year this time,definitley there were few glitches here and there but then that is a part of life.A jist of how 2011 has been for me:

1.I got engaged in January and married in April this year

2.Bought household stuff and set up my new home with hubby

3.Went to Thailand for honeymoon my first international vacation (other than Nepal and yes they are foreign for me :-))

4.Tasted alcholic drink first time in my life with hubby

5.Had first valentines day with hubby (then my fiance) a dinner in a hotlel which had swining pool and open kitchen on the 7th floor.Again it was first time that I got to visit such place.

6.Started blogging.

7.Had my first blogger meet with 3 amazing women ‘summerscript’,’RS’ and ‘Seema’.

8.Bought Activa Honda and drove first time in Bangalore

9.Was caught by police and fined for driving in one way.

10.Cooked a lot this year and surprisingly got confidence in cooking

11.Participated in salad making competion (never took part in any sort of cooking competition before)

12.My parents came to stay with us in Banaglore in OUR house and we took them to Shivsamudaram falls my first outing outside Bangalore with them.

13.On professional front things dint went as expected.I would try and give my 100% effort to achieve it soon.

All in all a funfilled and satisfying year I had.

Thank you god for all the happiness you blessed us with in this year.Also please forgive me for any wrongs I did.

Ending on a happy note,I wish each one of you A Very Happy New Year 2012.


Learning bicycle -Childhood memories :-)

1.My brother was teaching me to ride his cycle (an adult cycle).He was holding it as I tried to ride.After sometime I got the confidence that I was riding well.Though I kept asking my bro if he was holding it.Suddenly it felt that cycle had become heavy.I turned back to see bro sitting on the carrier.He smiled at me.I was shocked to see that I was actually riding double seat,I panicked (dont know why) and as a result we had a great fall.

2.It was my 10th birthday ,I was riding my friend’s bicycle.In front of her house there was empty space.I parked her cycle in that free space and went in.We heard some noise we came out to see her cycle was flattened.A four wheeler went over it.The cycle turned into a sickle shaped object.I was scared.Went and informed my parents.They offered to pay for the damage done.But her parents refused and said when children play such things are bound to happen.No issues at all.

3.By this time I had become expert in riding cycle.I wanted to experiment with riding double seat.I took my cycle and made my neighbour’s son sit behind me.I was riding and suddenly a Hero Puch came from opposite direction.In the panick I forgot how to apply brake and the kid sitting behind me got scared.He tried to jump from the cycle and my cycle started shaking and I went and collided with the hero puch guy.we fell down and the result I have a broken front tooth πŸ™‚

4.In the process of learning cycle with my bro running behind me I somehow lost the balance and dashed against a random bhaiya.He fell down because he had polio and could not keep a balance 😦 Though fortunatley he was not hurt.


5.I guess I was 12 years old and by now expert in riding cycle.I started going to school riding it.One afternoon while coming back from school it was raining.So wearing raincoat ,I left school on my cycle.I was near my house and I had to take a right turn which I did without waving my hand signalling that I need to take a turn.Result the girl coming back on her hero puch dashed against me and both us fell down.Now obviously it was my mistake but I was not the one to accept my fault :-)She accused me that I should waved my hand and give signal before taking a turn.How else will she know that I need to take a turn.Fair enough she was right.But smart (fool) me answered ,’You should have given horn how else will I know that you are coming from behind’.Saying this I picked up my cycle and off I went leaving her wonder what exactly happened and who was at fault πŸ™‚


On a different note recalling the above tit bits from my childhood this incident came to my mind where my brothers made a fool of me πŸ™‚

This incident took place in the era of black and white TV.I was some 7-8 years old.My parents had gone out some where and I was at home with my elder brothers.It was during this time I took immense interest in salad decoration.There was cookery show that was getting telecasted and they were teaching to make fish using snake guard.I so wanted to watch it and ofcourse my brothers were dead against it as they wanted to watch some cricket match.

I went inside to get notepad to write down the process that the chef would tell.

When I came back the TV was all dark and silent (they turned it on mute with all black).They told me there is a live telecast and the chef is taking my interview.So I need to tell him in detail what all salad I need to learn.And like a fool I started speaking to the TV with my brothers giggling.Few seconds later they just could not control and they burst out laughing πŸ™‚


Gone are the golden days when we had so much fun and ‘Lived each day as if there was no tommorrow’ (Source unknown)


Calling for help plz…

Arree all you ladies out there who are so good in cooking ,I need a help there is salad making contest in my office and me and my team have decided to put up 5 varities.All of them are finalised except the veg pasta salad.Can you plz suggest some easy recepie for it plzz…


Wake up all the kitchen queens all the mothers who prepare such exotic dishes for their kids plz help… πŸ™‚

Weird(est) Dream !!!

I guess I have passed on my ‘lunatic behaviour’ bug to my hubby.What a weired dream he had last night!!!
It seems he was in some place (which place he does not know) and he urgenlty wanted to use the loo.There were plenty of restrooms in that place and all of them are occupied.He was desperately trying to get into one but all of them were engaged.It seems he had to struggle for a long time.
And finally he woke up realized it was a dream and went back to sleep..funny eh?
This is really strange.We dream those stuff which we continuosly think of or may be a day’s activity which we recall and it replays in our dream.Dreams are mainly series of events that took place or which we have given a lot of thought on and it comes back in our sub-concious mind when we are asleep.Hence people usually dream about their job ,family and friends and similar day to day activity.
And does it mean hubby thinks of loo…grrr this is what he keeps thinking and I thought my hubby is working really hard in office *insert some shocked/surprised smiley*

Hi-Fi(ve) to my lunatic behaviour

1.Hubby was working from home on saturday.He took some document in a pendrive from his office laptop handed it to me and aksed me to open it in the personal laptop.I wanted to open it in wordpad but was not sure if his laptop had wordpad installed in it.So I thoughtΒ  of searching it in ‘All Files and Folders’ option.There instead of typing ‘Wordpad’,I typed ‘WordPress’ and hit enter key.It navigated and took me to Mozilla browser.I was confused as I had not realized my mistake and before I could understand hubby stood behind me laughing his heart out πŸ™‚
You see I am now addicted to WordPress or may be I am too absent minded.
2.I got into the BMTC bus today morning and was lucky enough to get a seat.Within seconds after parking my butt on the seat,I dozed off.Somewhere in my mind I knew I had to buy ticket.I woke up at my stop and in a hurry got down from the bus completely forgetting to buy the ticket.I started to walk towards my office and then I realized I had travelled for free πŸ™‚ Yes lack of sleep (7 hours) does that to you .what dont look at me with your mouth open 7 hours is less for me πŸ™‚
3.Saturday evening I made ‘mirchi bhajji’ to go along with the tea.The moment we took a bite our hairs on head went up straight just like that ‘Centre Shock’ advertisment.The ‘bhajjis’ were so sour and it felt as if I have emptied the entire box of salt and ‘amchoor powder’.I was speechless ,I mean how could it be so bad 😦
Hubby said, β€œI guess you have added entire month’s salt and amchoor to it” πŸ™‚
Β Another example of my lunatic behaviour.
4.I was working on a very critical module.Suddenly the application started to behave very weired.I was shocked but then soon realized that the server date was changed and its not showing the current date.I was wondering who would have changed the date without informing.My team mate then reminded me it was me who changed it on friday and I have even informed everyone of the change.Now there is something seriously wrong with me 😦
5.This one is the latest just few minutes ago:I read RM’s today’s post and left my coment,she even replied to it.When I was reading other coments I came across “summerscripts’ and ‘Ashwathy’ where they have mentioned something about bisuits.I thought why are all these girls talking about biscuit, may be I missed something in the post and havent read it completely.I did control+f to find the word biscuit and there I find RM mentioning about bourbon biscuit.The strange part is I had read that but just could not remember it.My God this is tooΒ  much,how can I forget something which I read some 1 hour back 😦
Something is definitley wrong with me.

10 reasons to smile :-)

1.when you see a mother with her 3-4 year old daughter in a rick and the kid is covered with her mom’s saree pallu.The kid looks so cute and you keep looking at her.The kid sees you watching her and she gives you a biggg toothy smile

2.When you are running towards the lift as it is about to descend and as soon as you reach there the door closes but the watchmen signals you to get into it from one floor down.When you reach there you find the lift man waiting for you there patiently.

3.You wake up in the morning see your husband in deep sleep.You bend towards him,kiss him and say goodmorning.He tries to opens his eyes and half way shuts them again and just gives you that cute smile in his sleep.

4.A guy in your office who is in his mid twenties says he wants his girl friend to study as much as she likes even after marriage and he will extend his full support to her.

5.When you hear your 1 year old neice say ‘ppppappa’ and ‘mmaamma’ on phone you smile and then think when did she grow up so much.

6.When you see father daughter crossing the road then suddenly little girl stops, holds her dad’s hand real tight and say ‘wait dad let the auto go or it will hit us’.

7.When you see school kids standing in the ground for morning assembly and chanting prayer and you see this small boy open his eyes and see from the corner of it the passerbys on the road.

8.When you are missing your parents and hope that you were with them right now and then your phone rings with name flashing as ‘sweet home’ and that moment you know your parents have long life then automatically you smile.

9.After lunch in office you go and keep your plate in the dish washing area and then other plates kept there falls down.You become sad and give apologetic look to the housekeeping staff but the sweet people that they are,they just smile at you and come to pick up the plates and you smile back at them

10.You see a mom with her two daughters one around 10 years old and other one some 5-6 years old.One daughter wants to eat momos and the other one wants popcorn.They fight,argue and cry on the road.Several thoughts come to your mind and you are taken back to your childhood days when you did the same with your siblings.

My Santa :-)

Yesterday evening I reached home dog tired.Hubby hasnt returned till then.I saw a parcel from flipkart kept on the dinning table .I asked mil she said it was delievered in the afternoon.Ok may be it was that technical book that hubby had ordered for me.He wanted me to read it as it would help in clearing some basic doubts.

I opened the parcel carefully (yes I never tear open the packing instead do it slowly and I even keep the wrapping paper and I never throw it,yeah I am a crazy wifey :-))

And then when I open the cover ,I am surprised.What… I mean how these books got delivered.I so wanted them .My god hubby sure know how to surprise me he got me these books too.While going through these thoughts in mind I kept smiling (mil might have thought I have gone mad)

And if anyone is interested to know which were those two books.They were the books written by Preeti Shenoy.Yeah I know those books were published long back.We are little slow (or make it very slow) .

I called him and smothered him with kisses and all those cute name that we call each other with :-)He kept smiling .Aww it was such cute moment.The memory has been captured in my mind for ever and ever..Love you so much dear.

When he returned home I showed him the books.I was jumping with excitement.He then said that the techincal book is for me to study and gain knowledge and the the other two books are my Christmas gift .He asked me if I like the gift and I just could not say anything.Just smiled.And the return gift that he got was kisses and a nice head massage.We both then slept fully contened.

God thank you for making him my life partner.He means the world to me.**Anti Jinx**