Mera Happy wala Birthday :-)

Hey All,today is my birthday,yayayay whistles ,claps and a birthday song for me all virtually done by my blog friends 🙂

Do I sound crazy and kiddish…its ok ,its my day today and I am allowed to act lunatic today 🙂

Chalo chalo then what are you guys waiting for??Wish me through your comments, calls and sms.. what don’t stare at me, I am greedy for the wishes.

Thank you God for such a beautiful life, you have blessed me with.

1. I am lucky to be born in a family where I could get all the comforts and my parents gave me the best of education and happiest environment at home.

2. Thank you God for the two elder brothers you blessed me with. They are gem and today whatever I am and the good career that I am enjoying, the credit goes to them. I always missed having an elder sister which I got in the form two wonderful bhabhis,thank you God and millions of thanks to you for the wonderful nephew and niece ..Am a proud aunt!

3. The school and college friends, office colleagues and beautiful hostel life that I had gave a new dimension to my life and made me confident and independent, thank you God for giving me an opportunity to come across such good people.

4. Year 2011, the year I got married to a man who had a heart of gold.

5. The wonderful mil and sil I am blessed with. My sil is Down syndrome but the unconditional love that she has for me is beyond description.

6. The great blog friends that I have some of whom I have bothered over some million time through phone calls and mails.

7. My wonderful house owners who want to prepare hollige for me, as I once mentioned that her hollige are simply out of this world.

8.My uncle in law who called all the way from US to wish me..uncle you made my day.

Thank you God for giving me such a blessed life !


Heights of Corruption…

It was our 4th visit to Election Office (BBMP) to collect our Voters id card and like all the previous times we were not given the cards.

Strange part we did manage to cast our vote on 5th May.2 Saturdays before that we had been trying to get the cards but we were not given. But on Election Day since our names were there in the voters list we were allowed to vote by showing our ‘Aadhar cards’.

We were told to collect cards after the election as the workers were busy with election duty. After that twice again we went and again the conversation went as below:

We: Sir we have to collect our voters id card.

Officer 1: (looking at us up and down) hmm, which language kannada/tamil


Officer 1:  (with some strange facial expression):hmm,yawa area? (*yawa is a kannada word which means ‘area’)

We: XYZ area

Officer 1: ok, go to other counter he takes care of that area, I take care of other area.

We went  to Officer 2.And same story is repeated ,same set of questions ,sent to some other counters and finally again sent to counter 1 where this time he said that he is not responsible for card distribution.

We get irritated and there is some shouting from our side. One of the guy says the key of the drawer which has cards is with other person and he has still not reached (it was 11:10 AM).Then I realized they were speaking to each other in kannada and making fun of us.

I felt if we bring somebody along with us who knew the local language would help .Then we saw a mother with her daughter who had come to collect their voter’s card.

They requested the officers to hand them their cards as the daughter had to fly to US and require the card as identity proof. They were speaking in kannada and even they were made to run from one counter to other without any result.

We got so frustrated and hubby lost his cool, biggest mistake that he did. He said he will escalate the matter.

On hearing this the officers too got angry and asked us to take down the mobile number that was written on the black board and make a complain.

They also said that after election is over its not their responsibility to hand over the cards .When we reminded them that we came before election too and were asked to come after elections they accused us saying that we must have heard wrong.

Hubby then asked them to give in writing that they are not in a position to give our cards as it’s not their duty .On hearing this they started screaming (screaming is still a better word, may be howling) at us in some alien language .We were scared and felt these people were ready to pin us down anytime.

We just left the place highly frustrated and scared L



Fun filled Friday :-)

It all started when RM planned to visit Bangalore sometime last year, with all the mail exchanges that we had, all the bloggers were added on my gtalk list.

Sometime in February this year I go to chat on gtalk with Nithvin. Since then on and off we chat with each other. Couple of times we planned to meet in a mall which is close to her and her hubby’s office and it is on the way for hubby and me while returning home from office.

Plans were made but we all know when two women make a plan chances are it never gets finalized, because of the over planning that women tend to do 🙂

Last Friday I was about to leave office a bit early as hubby was free in office and he came early and co-incidentally nith’s vin got bit late in picking her up. So she called me if we could meet
So it was an impromptu meet and a mall was decided where we would meet. Nith and her hubby reached on time and we took some time to reach as I with my over confidence about the routes messed up and took a wrong road 🙂

Somehow reached the venue to see nith waiting patiently with her hubby.We headed towards the Food Court and nith and I walked around the place to order some eatables but since we were kinda full we could not decide what to order (I told you na women and their decisions :-)).We were confused until both men took matter in their hands and Vin for no reason treated us with amazing snacks. The list goes as follows:

1.Khamand Dhokla
2.Vada Pav
3.Aaloo chat

It was yummy and shameless me dint even thank them for the wonderful treat. Along with all the food the evening was spiced up with all the talks that we had.

I had seen the pics of nith’s beautiful garden and it was fun to see vin taking all the credit for it and nith took no time in informing us that it was all her mil’s effort 🙂

We kept talking and didn’t realize that it was getting late. It was only when S called on nith’s cellphone asking her why is she late. Poor girl was missing her mum. We hurriedly said our good bye and left the place.

It was a very short meet but it was great evening. It was for the first time I was meeting somebody from blog world along with hubby.Nith and her hubby are very cordial people and I loved meeting them only glitch I could not meet S 😦

Honestly friends from blog world are great. A big hi-fi to all of us. And RM a special thank you as your mail chain and initiative of blog meet last year enabled me to get to know all you wonderful people 🙂