Sad :-(

Yet again a suicide case in the city reason failure in love.All of us are so used to read such news.Most of the time we just read it and forget it in some seconds.
But this particular news just refuses to leave my mind.
This time the victim is a HR executive in my office who committed suicide last friday as she was betrayed by her lover.This incidence has left us in shock.
She was the one who would help new joiners with onboarding formalities.She would help employees on their last day with exit interviews.
The way she greeted the new joiners with a warm smile and the way she used to wish employees ‘All the best’ on their last day is something we all will remember for a long time to come.
Her bright smile and jovial way of greeting employees good morning could brighten anyone’s day.She had such a huge impact on every employee in the office.As we payed condoclence to her,everyones eyes were moist.
May her soul rest in peace and may God give enough strength to her family to bear this irreparable loss.


9 thoughts on “Sad :-(

  1. sorry to hear this.. I agree many people die but someone whom you hv seen as a cheerful person committing suicide over love matters!! 😦 May her soul RIP.. Hugs to u dear..

  2. How can someone waste away a life so precious! There are people, young and little kids out there, fighting with terminal illness, praying for a lease on life!

    Sorry for being rude, but it pains to hear abt suicides and that too for a failed love affair?! This girl must have lived through depression for a while.. Poor girl! She pbly needed medical help!

    May her soul RIP!

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