The new year weekend…

Friday night after dinner hubby and me went for a walk to buy lays and kukure to eat while watching movie on the laptop.Returned back home made ourselves comfy and cozy and sat down to watch the movie Ra.One (yeah we are slow).Watched movie while munching on the junks and half way the movie I got super bored and dozed off.


Saturday morning for breakfast I planned to make veg frankie (kathi rolls).I was roasting the maida roti and a small bit of it broke as I tried to shift the roti from tava to the plate.That small part I put it in my mouth but it landed on my lower lip.It was so hot that my lip burnt and the skin turned white…as I write this it is still hurting me 😦

What a way to end a year in style 🙂


Washed truck load of clothes and prepared simple dinner of daal rice and arbi fry.

Slept for a while and then mil prepared amazing evening tea….again what a way to end new year mil preparing evening tea on weekend 🙂


Dinner was maggi pasta and maggi noodles..yummy 🙂

watched some TV and at the stroke of 12 we welcomed 2012…called my parents and wishesd them.Turned cell on silent and slept.Morning saw missed calls from my bros spoke to them for a while and prepared a simple breakfast of ‘Poha’.Soon after that hubby and me left for Innovative Film City in Bidadi near Bangalore.


There we tried our hands on arrow shooting ,gun shooting and I also got a tatoo done 🙂

there was a section ‘Wannado’ where you could dress up as policemen,traffic policemen etc.


We then had lunch in Food Court..yummy egg biryani and a north indian meal 🙂

Later we got into scary house and half way I got suffocated and came out :-(had a minor tiff with hubby on this.Not because I was feeling suffocated but he feels its only in my mind that I fear enclosed place (I know he is right,But I am unable to overcome this fear)

We then went to Aqua Park and what a blast we had.There was water and music,slides and rain dance…amazing 🙂

We then saw ‘Ripply’s Believe it or not’,’Wax Museum’,’Fossil Park’,’Dino Park’ and at last ‘Mirror Maze’ where I again got suffocated and dint even cross the two mirrors:-( Enjoyed some slides and munched on Bhel Puri along with coke and left the place back for Bangalore.While returning we did miss up on some turns and got lost on highway but fortunatly reached home safely.Had dinner and slepttttt 🙂


So that was how we welcomed 2012.Looking forward to a happy and healthy 2012 🙂



15 thoughts on “The new year weekend…

  1. Wah! super duper way to spend the new year…

    hope the lip is better..try putting some ghee *Waise that advice doesnt work for me…I keep licking the ghee all the time :)*

    Happy new year 🙂

    • Thank you better now 🙂
      You dint like pasta…coz u might be cooking yuumy pasta..people like me have no option but to rely on maggie pasta 😦

      • it doesn’t matter garima but unsalted is better.. of course you don’t want to have that salty taste in your mouth na.. try the sweet butter or Vaseline should also do good..

  2. Great start of the year!! Innovative film city is one place which was planned and planned but never materialised… seems like u guys had a lovely time.. Hugs dear for ur lips.. get well soon.. Wishing u a very very happy New year 2012… Will wait for u to complete ur first tag,, :p

  3. Thanks for the hugs dear..yeah will take the tag soon 🙂
    Innovative Film city is good for kids.They have lot of options for them though we did have a blast in the Aqua Park there.

  4. We never went to Innovative Film City or Aqua Park. Sounds fun 🙂 Nice to know you had a great start to the brand new year.

    Be careful while cooking, will ya?

  5. Yes teacher,I’ll be careful while baar maaf kar do plzz 🙂
    Aqua Park is wthin Innovative Film visit that place am sure mantam will have a gala time there.

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