Some Random Post…

I guess Lord Venkateshwara is big time upset with me.Since my return from Tirupati I am facing one problem after the other.Dear lord trust me I dare not say anything against about you ,you are the supreme and most powerful one.when I did my post on ‘tirupati rant’ I meant was the man made bad arrangements and money minded people.Please forgive me dear God.

Well this is what happened:

First hubby and mil had viral infection and then my left hand elbow got swollen and was paining badly.All of us visited doctors and were put on medicines.In the meanwhile I yet again lost my wallet in Volvo with a monetory loss of 600 rs/- and my driving license and bank debit card too.We were on the verge of recovering when the antibiotics made my stomach upset and I got gastric pains.

This explains my absence from blog world and am immensely thankful to Seema and Summerscript for checking with me.Thank you girls 🙂

Saturday I called Seema and I again got to speak to two gorgeous dolls Mantam.They sang ‘Kolaveri di’ and some ‘piggy pig’ poem for me :-)We then made plans to meet Scribby but nothing got finalised  :-(Messaged Summercsript and hey RS I missed your number so couldnt wish you on Pongal.
Sunday we ate ‘ganna’ (sugar cane),oh it was fun.Hubby and mil peeled it for me and I royally sat down and ate it all 🙂
Since we were a sick family we dint make ’til ka laddoo’ for sankranti just bought the ready made ones.Had bath with ‘til’ water.

Evening hubby and me went to get the weekly quota of as I in my previous post said junk food makes me healthy.So I had a plate of hot momos and believe me my stomach was bit better 🙂

Returned home and mil informed that our dear landlord have given us pongal sweets..yayaya they gave 5 hot hot holige (poran poli) and onion pakodas.My mil refused to eat ( she does not eat food cooked in other’s kitchens but eats in hotels well thats a separate post).Hubby and me polished off the plate and even fought on that last piece of holige 🙂 As per hubby first time he was eating something so tasty as if I give him all sad and bland food.

Called mom to complain about the injustice that hubby was doing with me.She as usual supported him.Sometime I wonder how my mum has become so ‘dal badloo’ 🙂

I ate so much and again got stomach ache..Post dinner went for a walk,came back and had ENO.Later drifted to deep sleep hearing hubby’s snores as lullaby…Feeling better today.

@ Seema and Summerscirpt whats the plan to meet Scribby?


10 thoughts on “Some Random Post…

  1. Hope you all get back to normal health soon.

    I chatted with Scribby yesterday. Will e-mail all you girls on that. She would check with her friend and let us know by 18th. We’ll plan later accordingly.

  2. you girls are planning a blog meet..Gah!

    Take care of your health Garima….and keep eating momos…they are not junk okie…good food hai woh 🙂

    and please…Lord doesnt have anything against you…he has a problem against the way things are being dealt in the temple okie? take care

  3. Take care of your health Garima..Yes the viral fever is all around here.. First I was down with fever and later hubby.. eat more junk and be more healthy.. Lol.. tc. hv fun

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