Tirupati Visit and a rant…..

Friday I,left office and directly reached the railway station.Hubby and mil were coming from home.The train came and we boarded it.Mil had brought home made food we dined on it and went to sleep.Saturday morning reached Tirupati from there we took APSRTC bus to Tirumala where the temple is located.Reached Tirumala and went straight to Sapthagiri Guest house where our acomadation was pre booked.Took bath ,had breakfast and then headed towards the temple.

As expected it was a long wait.TTD(Tirupati Tirumala Devasthanam) had made arrangements to serve milk to all the pligrims.We finally reached to the ticket counter.We took a pass of 300rs/- per person and got in.And here the long wait started.They seved us with hot khicdi.The unending wait was making me impatient and kinda suffocated.We took 6 hours to finally reach the temple and were not even allowed for 6 second to stand in front of lord Balaji.

We had prasad of curd rice and we then collected our laddoos and came out.


Now we took some 10 hours to reach Tirumala and stood in the queue for 6 hours.And this wait in enclosed corridors made me feel suffocated.Out of some thousand people who came to visit the temple I guess I was the only one who had such a massive stroke of suffocation.There was no emergency gate through which I could come out.I was panting badly and struggling to breathe in.I get uncomfortable with huge cowd around me.Definitley it was my mistake I shoud not have gone to such crowded placed where I know I’ll not be able to handle the situation.People were making fun of me instead of co-operating with me.They accused us of trying to go ahead giving bad health as excuse.I was so badly ashamed.There was no way I could go out.

Somehow I just managed to complete the journey and finally had dharshan.Does it mean I was excited to at last have the darshan..No it was not the case.

Instead I thought was it worth to get through such trouble,create problem for my family and embarras ourselves in front of general public.(I am still not sure why were they making fun)

Would it not be better if instead of this I could sit at home remember God and make donations and help poor people.

I thought a lot that day.What would have happened if I would have died in the crowd.I was not able to continue and there was no emergency gate to escape.Who would have been happy in that case?Ofcourse not God,neither my family..then what was the purpose of this trip.God would rather be happy if I do some good deeds and think good of others.

So does it mean going to temple is illogical and millions of people who visit temple are fools?I am so confused,I am unable to decide what is the right approach to thank god for all what he has done for us.I can very well have a photo of God in my house,thank him and do good.

There were few glitches too which I felt there.In such a place where lakhs of people come everyday shouldnt there be a better infrastructure?A wider balcony and an emergency exit would be much better.God forbid but then what would have happened if there was any calamity?There was no way one could escap which means thousands of people would have been injured or worst may even die.Yet another case of what happened last year in sabarimala

Secondly I just could not understand the logic of paying money to get drashan of the lord.Who are we to collect money in the name of god?Are we all not equall in his eyes?Dont we all deserve to get equal oppurtunity to visit god.Taking money in the name of God is just not justified.

I dunno if my post is making any sense or not.I think instead of investing so much money,time and effort and physically hurting myslef to go to a place where I have to pay money to get dharshan I would rather be happy to stay at home and do good for others as much as I can.

Though this physical problem is mine others might be having statisfaction by getting the dharshan.Its just my view and others are free to not to agree.I have no intention of spreading any ill feeling neither I am criticizing these man made temples.This is what I feel and I have expressed my views here.I apologize in case if I have hurt anyones’ feelings.


22 thoughts on “Tirupati Visit and a rant…..

  1. I totally agree with you dear. I would rather spend that money and effort in helping poor people. I believe that God resides within us. I had visited Tirupati temple a decade ago perhaps and have no memories to recollect. But our recent visit to Dargah Shariff in Ajmer also left a bitter experience and provoked so many such thoughts in us. I am gonna do a post on it soon. It’s so disheartening to see how pilgrims or religious places are commercialized.

  2. Yeah true temples these days have become a centre of business.Even I visited Durga Shariff long back and I remember the priest there blessings us with peacock feathers and then complelling us to give money.

  3. okie babes..this is definitely a post I can so relate to…hugs to you and I can understand the suffocation and the depression of giving money to see God…you have given me food for thought…hugs hugs and more hugs 🙂

  4. This is defenetley something that is ur genuine opinion.. My take on this is- If you suffer from suffocation/breathlessness in such situation then better to avoid visiting such places.. Coz no matter wat people around will not co-operate instead they make fun, shout, yell etc,, not bothering to understand the situation… I was lucky that I did not encounter so much rush in Tirupathi but thr was a incident whr we visited Chamindi temple in Mysore and thr was a couple with crying baby, The father was requesting people to co-operate mentining that the Queue was more and that the Baby was to be fed.. People around just blanky refused to co-operate instead ASKED him to wait for his turn.. One person even said.. I am also hungry so u also wait.. Can you believe it!!

    Just imagine the satisfaction u get when u feed the poor, this is a better way to offer blessings to god!!
    Hugs dear!!

  5. True I should not visit such places..as I said its my problem and I cannot blame others for not giving me way,it was too crowded hence they just couldnt move.But then making fun of any one is not correct.
    And how can those people not help a kid??I’ll really get angry these people are so inconsiderate..visiting temple is good for them but helping a child is not acceptable..When will people learn…

  6. I agree with your views and the valid concerns you’ve raised about the need to make changes with places of worship everywhere in the country.
    The idea of accommodating more people safely and arrangement of an emergency exit are worth being brought to the notice of the officials who take care of the arrangements at such places.
    I agree, having noble deeds and thoughts is far better than endangering our lives visiting holy places where the wait is tiresome and darshan last for hardly a couple of seconds.

  7. hugs… I read one of the comments where people didn’t care for a little baby’s hunger…
    sorry that you’ve had such experience… Take care…

  8. Oh God! Yeah, in Tirupati – though they talk about God and all everybody is so selfish 😦 Even when we visited after Chutku’s birth forget making way for us – we were mentally prepared to stand in Q but they kept pushing us so much that Chutku used to get squeezed.Finally hubby carried hum high up on the head for nearly 3 hrs and we had a quick 3 second darshan and got out of there!

    Its not in the place rey-and for that amount of crowd a lot of infrastructural improvements have happened. But its the attitude of the people that pathetic 😦 Take Care…

  9. Yes people need to change and try to understand others problems.
    But I now feel giving donations to the needy would please God and even I would feel satisfied by making someone smile.

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  11. I have never been to tirupathi but have heard lots of stories from friends. Its so pathetic to see people suffer in a place where they have come to get peace of mind. Everything revolves around money. For the money they earn, they should have done something like systematizing it..
    Hugs to you dear. Hope you are feeling better now.

    • Very true dear the holy places have now become the centre of business and are now highly commercialized.I have come to a conclusion to donate and help the needy which will give me a satisfaction.Thanks dear am fine now.

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