Bus Tale :1 :Post 2

Today morning we got horribly late. Hubby dropped us (daughter and yours truly) in front of his office at 9:00AM.

Background: Each morning at around 8:40 we are dropped by hubby dear in front of his office. I cross the road from there, drop my kiddo to her daycare, come back and catch a Volvo to my office.

Back to today: As usual I came back after dropping my daughter to the daycare. After waiting for about 10 min this Volvo comes towards the bus stop. I got all ready to dive in the bus, but before I could move, the bus sped away without stopping at the bus stop. This was bus (1)

Immediately there was this Volvo Bus (2) coming but for some other route .I got into this bus. (Both these buses till half the distance have same route and from there, they divert).I told the conductor I will get down at the next signal and from their catch the previously missed bus.

Before I could do that we were already at the signal and the bus I wanted to catch by then had crossed the signal. So I took the ticket (Rs 60/-) in the bus in which I was seated till the common point where the other bus would also cross.

Now some information:

I get into the bus from Stop A and my destination is Stop C via Stop B.

(1)Volvo Bus Rate: Stop A to Stop B =60 Rs/- and Stop B to Stop C=50 Rs/-

(2)Direct Volvo from Stop A to Stop C=70 Rs/-


(3)Non Volvo Bus Rate: Stop A to Stop B =19 Rs/- and Stop B to Stop C=19 Rs/-

(4)Direct Non Volvo from Stop A to Stop C=23 Rs/-


# All buses crossing Stop A do cross Stop B


As we crossed the signal I noticed this Direct Non Volvo Bus was standing at the bus stop. I felt so helpless as I had already taken the full ticket till stop B(Volvo ticket is not applicable for general buses).The conductor advised that I keep sitting till Stop B as I have ticket till then and from there get into that Non Volvo bus from there.

I liked his idea and kept sitting, only to realize this Volvo was not moving as it was empty and waiting for more passengers.

Soon the non Volvo bus came, I quickly got down from this Volvo bus and got into the non Volvo (to my surprise this was moving fast as compared to the Volvo).I again took the ticket this time it was Rs 23/-

So all in all I spent Rs 83/- which is more that the fare in direct Volvo bus, sweated in the non Volvo, ran a couple of miles to change bus and made a fool of myself.

Silver Lining: There was zero traffic today, touch wood. I covered the entire distance of 17Km in only 50 minutes which on other days takes approx. 90 minutes.


3 thoughts on “Bus Tale :1 :Post 2

  1. I totally feel like falling at your feet.. Traveling in Bengaluru’s Volvo is the most frightening thing for me.. The driver keeps pushing the brakes as if that’s his prime task and the conductor keeps brushing or pushing past you in the name of giving tickets. And the pace!!! I prefer normal bus anyday but they are over crowded.. Sigh.

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