Ten ON Ten

For some 8-9 months much to my annoyance I have been a silent spectator because:

a) Word press is blocked in office

b)At home my 16 months old monkey does not me allow to use laptop without listening to the rhyme ‘5 little monkeys jumping on the bed’ in infinite loop.

I hope I could get back to writing some stuff on my blog. Though I read the posts of all my favorite bloggers:

1. RM being blessed with R2, the biggest news in the blog world. R becoming an elder sister to a little princess was the highlight

2. So much has happened in TP’s life. Sorry dear could not even comfort you during your bad times. Anyways forgetting all the bad please accept my heartiest congratulations to you and PK. When I read baby will be here in the month of May I almost jumped of my chair in happiness as I am May born too. Congratulations on PK’s new job as well.

3. Seema, am so happy to know you guys have all settled well in Australia. It was a brave move and you guys sailed it off successfully. Congratulations. I saw the recent pictures of ManTam, the fairies look all grown up.

4. Chucky is growing up fast. Lifi’s move to new city, selling off the house and starting the new life, all went very well. Congratulations to you dear on the new jobs. Hope your blood reports came good.

5. OMG, LHB is all grown up to travel with his dad to India. Adi as usual is super awesome, attending over night camp. The girl has for sure grown up.

6.When I read about Volt ,I keep nodding my head to whatever Summerscript writes as same thing is been done at my home by my kiddo. They both appear to be similar in their nature.

7. Many congratulations Tharani for completing 3 awesome years of togetherness with your better half.

8. MomOfRS where have you suddenly disappeared. It is so good to read about your and twins life in US.I loved that grain art. Congratulations to you and your kids for getting awarded as best parent and best students awards.

9. Pepperedthoughts please write about all the hectic and happy time you had attending weddings, baby shower and also the Kerala trip. Hope your Bil is recovering well from the surgery.

10.GreenBoochi,you are simply talented. Your food and art is to die for. Congratulations for your new house in Chennai. Hope you get to stay with your hubby real soon.

Does it look like I have summarized the happenings in my favorite bloggers lives? Trust me guy I miss this space. But I am genuinely happy that atleast I get to read all yours posts on my phone. I promise myself to write some more here. Hoping that you guys will continue updating your blogs.


Updates as I turn 30

On 29th May I turned 30 and it was the day when I joined my new work place. Also it’s a new role which I had been craving for quite some time, though was not sure if it was the right decision. But when this opportunity came my way, I knew I have to grab it and give my best to it.

It was the best birthday gift I could have asked for .My little one is really a lucky charm for us.

All in all it was a big day and I woke early and bright to start my day.

Everything was going as planned. I was about to leave, just then I hugged my daughter and tears started flowing .I just couldn’t stop them. I looked at her innocent face and I felt I must reconsider my decision of joining work that early. But I knew it was ‘now or never’ situation and no way I can sit at home.

It was the day where I experienced a bag full of mixed feelings:

A victory feeling of getting a job after a huge struggle.

Excitement of the new role that really had fascinated me

Emotional of leaving behind my little one. But the silver line to this is she is in safe hands and is taken care off by her dadi.

It is 2 month now. Things have kind of fallen in place. My princess has adjusted well with my mil.

But what is life without any challenges and yes in coming few days we are waiting for our next challenge ie. admitting my doll in day care. No idea how she is going to take that and how would she adjust.


Note 1: You all must be wondering I used plural of “update’ and have mentioned only one. Actually there is one more and a massive one which I wanted to write. But I refrained myself for the fear of jinx ing it.I am a panauti you see 😉

I will write about that in couple of month .If all goes as planned then may be by September I must be able to share.

Note 2: A heartfelt thank you to all my blogger friends who wished me for my job. The wishes did a miracle to me. Thanks once again.


with my stars.Yeah I do believe in stars and destiny.

Since January 2014 I have attended interviews with 6 companies.The summary of the outcome of it as below:

1.Company 1 :Attended on 17th January :Cleared 3 rounds (2 technical+1 managerial).Pending client round.

2.Company 2 : Attended on 19th January Written cleared .Feedback of first round pending

3.Company 3:Attended on 21st January.After interview the feedback got was position filled through internal hiring.

4.Company 4:Attended on 25th January.Result same as company 1.

5.Company 5: Attended on 8th March.Interview went only for 10 minutes.Very low level of the interview.Got rejected.

6.Company 6:Attended on  22nd March.Cleared all three rounds.Sent them the salary slips and all required documents .Salary negotiation done.Filled background verification form.No offer letter yet.They say its on hold.

I am loosing my patience big time. Don’t want to say anything more.

See ya folks.No idea when I would again come  back to this place,to pen down my thoughts.I do read all your posts.

Thank you all for writing regularly.Feel happy reading you all.Special thanks to Lifi. Her everyday post makes me smile wide.

Take Care everyone.

Hubby is embarrassed and am very angry…

Last month on 13th my daughter turned 7 months old.It was Thursday that day and we decided to visit Sai Baba temple in the evening.
When we reached there we saw it was highly crowded and they had closed the gate for the darshan as there was a long queue.
Now going by my Tirupati visit experience and ability to handle such huge crowd I gave up the idea of the darshan. Even hubby thought it would not be a good idea to stand in the queue as the daughter might get uncomfortable.
So we decided to take the prasad and leave.There is a separate hall where prasad in distributed on Thursdays ,it being the Sai Baba day.
We headed towards the hall which has a small sliding gate to exit.We were not sure if we could enter from there and only take prasad and come out without doing the darshan (in north india ,we take prasad and come out if we are not willing to stand in queue).
We waited for some time to see if its allowed also we were looking for some volunteers to whom we could ask. In the meanwhile we saw 3 young girls entering from that exit gate. After sometime we saw 4 middle aged ladies chitchatting in kannada and entering from the same exit gate.
I told hubby “the ladies are from southern India and they must be knowing about temple rules better. Since they have entered from that gate I guess its ok to enter from there else the temple authority would have closed this gate too.”
So we too entered from that gate and just then a lady who was from the temple committee came and blasted us saying we are not allowed to enter from that gate.
I was about to apologize to her and turned towards her when I saw her saying something to hubby with a very angry look on her face.
I asked my husband what she said, the reply was something that made me furious.
This is what she said,” You came here for free food na”.
I was stunned and angry too. I asked him why didn’t you clarify that we dint know. We could have apologized and left at that time itself. He said he dint wanted to create a scene in the temple and also ruin our happy mood. Saying this he went ahead and I followed him.
In my opinion I think that lady could have been bit polite and could have made better use of words. I agree we were not in the best of our attires but am also sure we weren’t shabbily dressed to look like some rowdy who have come for free food.
Later we went to Mac D’s (They dint throw us out so I think we dint look a rowdy) had a happy meal to uplift our moods ,came back and slept.

Cold and cough…enemies for most new moms

Last night we (daughter and I) had ROFL moments.For some reason she kept laughing and her laugh was contagious that I could not stop myself from laughing.Hubby was enjoying seeing the 2 important women in his life in the best of their moods.

All three of us were having gala time ,though it was 12 in the night and the little one was in no mood to sleep.

Somehow at around quarter to one she dozed off and so did we.At around 4 in the morning she woke up coughing and sneezing.Her nose was blocked .Some how we pacified her and she went to sleep again.

Since morning she is struggling from blocked nose,watery eyes and cough 😦

We have started giving her medicines and steam.

Its heart wrenching to see her struggling to breathe due to stuffy nose.Today afternoon she kept crying in her sleep as she could not breathe .I gave her nasal drops which helped and off she went to sleep.

But somehow when she woke up (about an hour ago) she had running nose with her little nose turned all red .Its so painful to see her in this state 😦

The medicine course is for 5 days.Hope she gets well soon.



Sunday evening..

Apologies for not  posting any stuff yesterday 😦 Will try to publish 2 posts today

Now that I am jobless I get big time frustrated sitting at home 😦

Monday to Friday I spend my time waiting for weekend so that I can spend time with hubby and I love to see him play with our little one.

But his weekends seems to be so full with buying groceries ,listening news (with Arvind Kejriwal and AAP being hot news),and playing with the kiddo.I feel so left out.

Saturday night was spent in cribbing,crying and getting angry that how he spends zero time with me.He got a cake for me but still my cribbing did not end as I was carving for some ‘me time’ with him.

The same behavior of mine continued on Sunday too.We thought of taking the little one to a park in her pram,we got ready but my princess decided to doze off.

We dropped the plan when suddenly hubby decided to go on a 2 wheeler ride(leaving her in the care of her dadi)

We went to a park,took a walk and headed towards ‘Reliance Fresh’.We had a plate of momos and parceled  pani puri for mil.

Got some groceries and came back walk.

Sometimes such small joys in life leave us so contended.Sometime what best we need is the company of our loved ones to uplift our moods.Not necessary that visit to a fancy place is required ,just a walk can also rejuvenate us and instill new energy within us.

It is was what I call as ‘A walk to remember’ 🙂

Makke (maize) ke dholke

Hi All,

Let me do a cheat post ,I am not getting any constructive topic to write on.Ya ya I do remember maya’s promtps but I am so hopeless to even write anything sensible so I decided to share this secret recipe from my mum’s kitchen and the best time to eat it is winters.



1.Makke/corn flour

2.Chopped ginger

3.Green chilies

4.Green coriander

5.fresh methi leaves ,finely chopped

.6.Baking soda

7.Cooking oil

8.salt to taste .

Add all the above ingredients except oil and knead a dough using right amount of water making sure the dough is bit hard.Leave it aside for some time.

Make small balls of this dough and flatten it from center.Make it in a shape of funnel.

Place it in a container.In a cooker add water and place the container.Place the lid without the whistle.

Cook for some 20 minutes.Insert a knife to check if it is properly cooked.The knife must come out cleanly.

Remove the container from the cooker and set aside to cool.once it cools down,cut the cooked dhoklas into bite size pieces.

Now in a wok add oil and white til (sesame) seeds.once it crackles add red chilly powder and add the bite size pieces of dhoklas.

Stir it once and remove it from the flame.

Serve hot with tomato ketchup or green dhaniya chutney or butter milk seasoned with mustard seeds and garlic.