Reality shows and the message that they spread

Sometime last month in one of the episodes of ‘Dance India Dance’ for kids Rani Mukherjee was invited as a guest celebrity.

There was this little kid ‘Om’ from North East India who was asked to propose Rani Mukherjee for marriage and accept it only if she knows how to roll a chapatti.

So wheat dough and rolling pin were brought and she was asked to roll a chapatti. She did that and then the roti was displayed to check if it was really round. When everyone was satisfied with the shape the actress asks the kid if she qualifies the criteria of getting married. The kid says yes and everyone claps.

Now you must be wondering why I am writing all this.

Let me explain.

It was a kids show and somehow I got the feeling that we are conveying a message that how so ever successful a woman is, still she needs to know cooking and other household stuff to get married.

One side we talk about equal opportunity for girls and boys and on other hand we spread the message of need for a woman to know cooking.

When a girl gives in equal effort to be successful then why is this criteria of cooking be restricted to girls only? She too invested her time in coming in par with the boys then why do we expect girls to know everything?

In country like ours where media plays such an important role and creates a huge impact on the minds of people especially young generation aren’t such shows spreading a wrong message?

The show had kids from age group of 8 to 13.At such tender age whatever values we give to kids would help them to grow up as good adults.

Will not the kids learn that when they grow up and get married, they are supposed to sprawl on the sofa and let the wife do all the cooking, because cooking is something which a girl is supposed to do?

May be I am over reacting. It was just a show and whatever was telecasted was for fun. But somehow I felt the message that it conveyed was not right.

Any thoughts on this?


10 thoughts on “Reality shows and the message that they spread

  1. Totally agree. At the end of the day, a woman’s marriage eligibility criteria depends on her ‘homeliness’ and culinary skills. Another aspect I didn’t/don’t like about the show is how these young kids are exposed towards flirting and wooing women. I know it’s all for jest but somehow it looks like their innocence is stolen.

  2. I so so agree with what you wrote in last two lines.Even I had such feeling that we are teaching kids how to win a woman.Infact some of the dance steps and the costumes I feel are not age appropriate.I agree the innocnece of childhood is lost 😦

  3. By the show’s standards, I should have never got married! I can’t make a perfectly round roti till date!
    Haven’t watched this show but it sounds absurd..So agree with what you have written Garima. What’s the need to get things like ‘proposal’ and ‘marriage’ in to a show for kids? Can’t they let kids remain kids?

  4. Goodness! You are certainly not over-reacting! That sounds ludicrous! One – the expectations from a woman. Perfect roti, indeed! It just shows that some aspects of our culture are so in-bred that lots among us, wouldn’t even flinch at a scene like that. Secondly, age appropriateness. I find most of the programmes meant for children, highly inappropriate. Marriage, proposals, why are we even discussing in a kids programme? Are we forgetting that its kids we are talking about here. I haven’t even watched it and am getting enraged just by reading this!

  5. Sighhh… and why should such a young kid be exposed to proposals and marriage at an early age? all that media wants is the TRP.. they least bother about public’s take away from the show

    • @ All:Thank you people for your comments and opinions.I agree with each one of your thoughts.

      Through this post there are two messages I wanted to highlight:

      1.Its wrong to bring in the concept of marriage and love proposals in a kids show.

      2.Why do we want to convey to the society that cooking is a girl’s job and that it has to be the criteria for a girl to be married?

      Even in shows where the candidates are adults we should not be showing such stuffs because it creates a negative impact on large number of people.

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