Sunday evening..

Apologies for not  posting any stuff yesterday 😦 Will try to publish 2 posts today

Now that I am jobless I get big time frustrated sitting at home 😦

Monday to Friday I spend my time waiting for weekend so that I can spend time with hubby and I love to see him play with our little one.

But his weekends seems to be so full with buying groceries ,listening news (with Arvind Kejriwal and AAP being hot news),and playing with the kiddo.I feel so left out.

Saturday night was spent in cribbing,crying and getting angry that how he spends zero time with me.He got a cake for me but still my cribbing did not end as I was carving for some ‘me time’ with him.

The same behavior of mine continued on Sunday too.We thought of taking the little one to a park in her pram,we got ready but my princess decided to doze off.

We dropped the plan when suddenly hubby decided to go on a 2 wheeler ride(leaving her in the care of her dadi)

We went to a park,took a walk and headed towards ‘Reliance Fresh’.We had a plate of momos and parceled  pani puri for mil.

Got some groceries and came back walk.

Sometimes such small joys in life leave us so contended.Sometime what best we need is the company of our loved ones to uplift our moods.Not necessary that visit to a fancy place is required ,just a walk can also rejuvenate us and instill new energy within us.

It is was what I call as ‘A walk to remember’ 🙂

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