Cold and cough…enemies for most new moms

Last night we (daughter and I) had ROFL moments.For some reason she kept laughing and her laugh was contagious that I could not stop myself from laughing.Hubby was enjoying seeing the 2 important women in his life in the best of their moods.

All three of us were having gala time ,though it was 12 in the night and the little one was in no mood to sleep.

Somehow at around quarter to one she dozed off and so did we.At around 4 in the morning she woke up coughing and sneezing.Her nose was blocked .Some how we pacified her and she went to sleep again.

Since morning she is struggling from blocked nose,watery eyes and cough 😦

We have started giving her medicines and steam.

Its heart wrenching to see her struggling to breathe due to stuffy nose.Today afternoon she kept crying in her sleep as she could not breathe .I gave her nasal drops which helped and off she went to sleep.

But somehow when she woke up (about an hour ago) she had running nose with her little nose turned all red .Its so painful to see her in this state 😦

The medicine course is for 5 days.Hope she gets well soon.




11 thoughts on “Cold and cough…enemies for most new moms

  1. wishing the baby to recover very soon! try this garima.. apply vicks on her heel and put socks on. this will soothe her.. also apply vicks on her chest, back, neck and use vaporizer if possible!!

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