Makke (maize) ke dholke

Hi All,

Let me do a cheat post ,I am not getting any constructive topic to write on.Ya ya I do remember maya’s promtps but I am so hopeless to even write anything sensible so I decided to share this secret recipe from my mum’s kitchen and the best time to eat it is winters.



1.Makke/corn flour

2.Chopped ginger

3.Green chilies

4.Green coriander

5.fresh methi leaves ,finely chopped

.6.Baking soda

7.Cooking oil

8.salt to taste .

Add all the above ingredients except oil and knead a dough using right amount of water making sure the dough is bit hard.Leave it aside for some time.

Make small balls of this dough and flatten it from center.Make it in a shape of funnel.

Place it in a container.In a cooker add water and place the container.Place the lid without the whistle.

Cook for some 20 minutes.Insert a knife to check if it is properly cooked.The knife must come out cleanly.

Remove the container from the cooker and set aside to cool.once it cools down,cut the cooked dhoklas into bite size pieces.

Now in a wok add oil and white til (sesame) seeds.once it crackles add red chilly powder and add the bite size pieces of dhoklas.

Stir it once and remove it from the flame.

Serve hot with tomato ketchup or green dhaniya chutney or butter milk seasoned with mustard seeds and garlic.



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