2014 Resolutions…

Wishing all my readers a very Happy 2014!

As is the trend ,let me start this brand new year with some resolutions:

1.Learn to drive 4-wheeler.Yes I have enrolled myself in car driving school.

2.Speak less

3.Try to ignore what others say.Even if I know what they are saying is wrong still try to ignore and move forward. Don’t waste Β time in thinking that my feelings have been hurt.

4.Don’t try to correct others or teach them anything new.Keep your knowledge to yourself until asked to share.

5.Most important:Keep Patience

6.Have faith in yourself and believe whatever happens ,happens for good.God knows whats best for me.

With all the above mentioned points ,I am all set to enter 2014.

Wishing each one of you a golden year ahead.Stay blessed and healthy.


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