Marathon of weird dreams…

Last Friday night I had series of weird dreams. Let’s have a look at them:

1. A freedom fighter: We are a bunch of 8 freedom fighters hiding ourselves in an old fashioned train our plan is to blast a bomb in Britishers camp.
At one point the 4 boys get down the train and we kept hiding in the train. One of the guys tried to close the door but he is unable to do that and I risking my life manage to close it.
Suddenly this small compartment where we were hidden gets detached from the rest of train gets off the track and starts to move into the village where we were supposed to conduct our mission. We get scared and feel it is some game plan by the enemies too distract us 
We get into the village and there is a huge playground where kids are gathered and are chanting ‘Inqalab Zindabad’
The parents of those kids asked us if we don’t have kids then why we have come there? Only those people with kids are allowed to come.
They thought we have come to harm them and we are friends with Britishers.
We get scared and I turn my train (a small compartment) and hurriedly try to get back to the track.

************Dream1 Over********************************

2.My mom and I have gone to meet a doctor and there the doctor I am running low on protein.I am shocked as in my dreams itself am thinking I daily eat a bowl of daal (pulses)then how protein is less .Trust me I got so scared in my dreams 

***************Dream 2 Over************************
3. I am in some hostel with group of 4-5 girls. We go to the hostel kitchen and finish all the food that was prepared for dinner. The cook is then scolding us 


Though the third dream looks funny but it was not. I remember getting scared/tensed while getting this dream. May be I am not able to re-collect this dream properly but it was scary like the above 2 dreams.


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