Climate in Bangalore is amazing these days. So today morning I went for a walk and few things that I noticed made me smile. I want to share that with you all.

1.I noticed trees all laden with flowers red/yellow/pink/lavender. It surely made my day. I was at awe at this miracle of nature.

2.I saw kids going to school holding their parents hand. Brought back millions of happy memories from my childhood.

3.I saw senior citizens playing badminton and enjoying the brisk walk. Felt happy to see them so health conscious.

4.An old uncle walking and playing an old Hindi song on his mobile. The content look on his face made me smile. I truly appreciate when people say “We are young men of 70”.Love their spirit.

5.4-5 puppies fighting/playing and jumping on each other. Oh it was so good.

6.Saw aunties enjoying the lovely nature with other women of their age.

7.The sight of fresh vegetables on hand driven cart (not sure of the actual word) made me happy.

8.The clouds moving in random directions.

9.The sun peeping through the clouds.

10.Last a temple where I could thank God for all his wonderful handicrafts which makes our earth look so beautiful.


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