Amazing game for foursome :-)


Does anyone remember these 4 chits? It is an awesome game played by 4 people. The chits are thrown and all 4 people have to pick one chit each.
Lets say the 4 people are A,B,C,D.
All 4 pick up one chit each. They have to keep it secret that which chit they picked.
A picks Raja
B picks Mantri
C picks Sipahi
D picks chor
A says, “mera mantra kaun?” “who is my assistant”
B says, “Mein sarkar” “I Sir”
A says, “chor sipahi ka pata lagao” “Find out who is thief and who is warrior”
At this point B has to guess who between C and D is chor and who is sipahi by doing some sort of face reading but mainly its all guess and luck work.
Let’s say B guesses it wrong .In this case the thief gets 500 points and assistant (mantra) will get 0 points.

A =1000
Incase B guesses it correctly then points distribution will be:
A =1000
Play this game couple of times and at the end calculate the points of all 4 people. Who so ever gets highest point is the winner 

Try this game its fun. Especially with summer setting and no scope of going out in heat, this would be the best time pass for the entire family.

Try it and let me know your experience.

Happy playing 


8 thoughts on “Amazing game for foursome :-)

    • yes it was perfect game during summers,sprawled in front of cooler sipping mango milkshake/pana and playing it.
      My parents had come last month so all 4 of us played it.Now that they have gone back ,its only 2 of us now..

  1. Same pinch.. we used to play this game a lot.. We used to call it. Raja, Rani, Kalla (chor) and Police.. 🙂 wat fun it was to guess the kalla.. 🙂 u made me nostalgic.. Infact I have played it with Appi’s nephew’s even after the marriage..

  2. WoW so Happy to see dis! I ws remembering my Childhood days n tried googlin’ dis…n here I am among pple vid th same memories hahaha… ❤ Yeapp th innocence of diz 4-Chits..feel revived! 😉

  3. This was an amazing childwood game specially for our generation. I still remember enjoying this game round up below the tree during summer. 🙂 . We really need to pass this to new generation kids. Thanks for bringing those sweet memory….. Raja, Rani, kalla, police. hahaha…………..

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