Not able to think of any suitable title…

Heard this piece of news on FM 2 days back where some girl (G1) posted on RJ Shraddha’s  Facebook wall.

G1 was travelling with her male friend in Metro here in Bangalore. An unknown girl (G2) asked this male friend to give her, his mobile. The boy thought maybe she wanted to check the model number or some functionality of his phone, so he unlocked his cellphone and gave it to her.

After few minutes the girl returns the phone and in angry tone tells the guy that she thought, he clicked his pic and wanted to confirm. The boy said that he dint click and pic.G2 started shouting that she has every right to check his mobile as she had a doubt that her pic was clicked. She went ahead and asked the guy to apologize??

He was shocked, apologize for what? And what right is she talking about? She verified his phone and did not find her pic then why did she create such a scene?

At one point we talk about women rights and awareness, giving women protection and all that. But what do we of such women?

Wasn’t the attitude of the girl wrong? It’s not always that guys are wrong, there are such instances where even women are not right in their word and actions.

Well let’s see where our country is heading to? Hoping it to be a better place to live in.


3 thoughts on “Not able to think of any suitable title…

  1. Coincidentally today morning only I saw a video in FB which talked about the same issue. It showed a skit inside a DTC bus. A guy was standing beside a girl. When the bus stops with a jerk, he loses control n accidentally falls on the girl and apologizes, She slaps him. The agitated guy comes to the right side of the girl. Next time during the jerky stop, the girl falls on the guy. He slaps her back! The same thought came across my mind. Some girls really over do it. Not all guys have bad intentions. A rationalization is required.

      • Ur comment reminded me of a dialouge from movie ‘ajnabee’ where kareena says “if a man slaps a woman we say how cruel he is and if a woman slaps a man we say sure the man must have done something wrong” in either case we try to blame man.

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