This post is all about ‘Self Bragging’,please bear with me :-)

This saturday saw me hosting a lovely couple from Jammu and their absoulutely charming 1.5 year old son.
Friday evening hubby informed me that we are having guests tomorrow for lunch.
Now I come from a place where our love is shown over the food.We sincerly believe ‘athiti devo bhava”
For us feeding people is one of the nobel act.Now the definiton of good food in our dictionary is rich and ghee laden food πŸ™‚

/*Infact I guess entire north India is like that.Weather you are invited for breakfast/lunch/evening snacks/dinner we make sure we serve you the best food
and feed you so much that you will be forced to skip your next meal πŸ˜‰

Last month when we (me and hubby) had visited this couple for lunch they welcomed us wholeheartedly and served the most yummy food.Every one hour the lady (lets call her R)
would serve something to eat.I was reminded of my mom who would keep serving dishes to the guest till they were ready to run away πŸ™‚
But yeah in my place we believe in “khatirdari”.We do treat guests as our God .Incase we fail to serve good food the guests may take it as their insult and would probably
never visit our house again.

Anyways so the list of all the food that she served is :

1.Welcome drink and store brought snacks.

rajma (the special quailty which it seems we get only in Jammu)
palak paneer..with a tadka of desi ghee and garlic….yummy
boondi raita
anaar dana ki chutney (again this is a dish from Jammu)

Custard with banana

Kava (a drink similar to tea from Jammu Kashmir)

We were so full we could hardly move πŸ™‚ R is a damn good cook and the love with which sheΒ  served made us feel so good.*/

Ok now back to last friday when I came to know that R and N (her husband,N is actually my hubby’s friend) are coming I quickly decided on the menu to be cooked.
But since I have never hosted guests and never cooked that party type ka food ,I was bit scared of how the dishes would turn out.

Friday evening reached home ,took bath and did Ganpati pooja.As the fate would decide hubby got late in office.By the time he came and we left for Reliance Fresh for
shopping the shop was about to close.Bought some stuffs and left the other syuffs to shop next morning.

Called mom to re-confirm the recepies except for the paneer dish that I learnt from somewhere on the internet (no idea of the exact source)

So this was my menu:

1.Welcome drink with home made moong daal ke mangode with green chutney and tomato sauce

Shahi paneer
Shahi phool gobhi
Pakode wali Kadhi
Mixed sprouts salad
Veg salad

Fruit cream topped with almonds

Tea for me and hubby and coffee for R and N

LaterΒ  both N and R were full of praises,even hubby was happy.I was glad that I was able to serveΒ  some tasty food and please my guest.
I called up mom and told her “mummy meine aapki naak nahi cutvawi,meine tasty khana banaya :-)).I felt good that I have inherited the genes from my mum to
serve food to the guest without doing any kanjoosi as truly “Guests are like God”.


Note:The quantity of food was so much that same food we had for lunch onΒ  Sunday πŸ™‚


18 thoughts on “This post is all about ‘Self Bragging’,please bear with me :-)

  1. You made so many dishes! It is such a pleasure to have guests, right? No pictures of all the yummy things you made?
    I’ll starve myself for 2 days before I come to your house πŸ™‚

  2. hehehe sure can drop in I am confident I can cook good food πŸ™‚
    no photo re,dint feel good to click pics in front of the guests πŸ™‚

  3. What is the way I can get myself invited to your home at least once a week for such a feast? I promise to entertain you in any way you want….”Jhamoora Promise” :mrgreen:

    For some reason I just can’t stop smiling at “cutvawi” πŸ˜†

  4. awww babes you need not be jhamoora and all that…just a phone call to inform me that you are coming is enough πŸ™‚

    oh yes that was my mum’s favourite dialouge :”ye ladki to meri naak hi cutva degi ” πŸ™‚

  5. why do I read about food in all blogs today first it was LS, then RM and now yours.. parcel all that excess food I say.. good job and a pat on your back garima.. now I will plan a visit to your home just for the food πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  6. Hey How come I missed to comment on such an appealing post… All thanks to my offc network where I cannot comment n my hectic offc work.. 😦

    So lady let us know when can I drop by to ur sweet home n get “Athithi treatement” wow yaar sersly u guys take it so seriously.. I like it..!! When is my chance to be treated like a King oh sorry Queeeeen πŸ˜›

    • madamji…you can drop in anytime.I would love to have you and your dear Appi at my place..if at all you come this side of the town do give me a call ok πŸ™‚

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