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Just few minutes back we three girls went for a walk post lunch. In front of us there was a guy on a two wheeler. He suddenly took a u-turn to directly face us. And then what I saw left me numb and speechless.

The chain of his trouser was opened and he was not wearing undies. Now you can imagine how disgusting it was for us. We were shocked and he kept looking back at us again and again.

Was he insane or did he do that intentionally?

If he did it intentionally what did he get by doing this?

And if he is insane why doesn’t his family keep him in mental asylum?

What he did was wrong and we girls felt guilty and disgusting L

I have no words to say ,maybe I should sign out for now and would come back soon with some cheerful post.

You guys take care..


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  1. Hugs Hugs and Hugs Garima
    A similar incident had happened with me and my friends when I was in 11th standard… At that age you can imagine how it felt 😦
    I had similar feelings as you
    Such people are sick
    Hugs and take care

    • Yes I can undertsand lifesong in our teenages we are not mature enough to handle such situtaion ,neither we are kids to not understand anything.One confusing age that is…hugs right back.

  2. One of you shud have picked up a BRICK or something and Thrown at him.. PIECE OF ______ , and why are you using the word GUY for this idiot , doesnot deserve to be called a HUMAN..

    and definitely not mental , did it on purpose and such people need a KICKING in public

    I am sorry this happened , if it was UK I would have asked you to give me the VRM number of this person , and I promise THIS NON-Human would have got a visit from me for sure ..

    take care of urself

    • Vikram- I m sorry to drop by like this but cudnt stop myself to share that when I was in the UK (London specifically) and was walking alone on the road towards my home, a guy came in a Car v fast and looking around that I was alone stopped his car, I was surprised by this and guess wat he did??? He showed his Bloody #$%@ from inside the car!!! I was shivering out of fear and my legs started shaking… Thanked god that he did stop his car n do anything else. I like a mad started walking fast and was trembling till I reached my home.. It was a perfect Summer evening and around 5:00 I guess…Oh god dont even wanna think of that day!!

      • such people need a SLAP, and you should have reported , it is termed as assualt an police would have taken some action on it immediately.

        I am sorry this happened in uk , I am sure we find such £$%$£$£ everywhere ..

        Reporting helps as if no one reports they get bold and do it again , such people ned to be stopped ..

    • You are right Bikram..this was such a inhuman act and he was not better than a animal.
      We were so shocked that we couldnt think anything plus the empty road made us scared 😦

  3. Don’t feel guilty for anything..cause in this it’s not your fault at all…these are insane mentally challenged perverts…just ignore them and be careful…

    Hugs! I know how this feels…once me and my friend were walking in the colony and we saw a middle aged man masturbating at the side of the road and when he saw us coming in that direction he started smiling and calling us to him…this was almost 12 years back and but it has etched in my memory…it will never go away…the dirty sight of it all..we girls were scared to bits…

    such people are gross and should be banned from society!

  4. Oh so u also fall into a category where we feel disgusted due to some idiotic perverts on this earth! Me n my friends while on the way to our college faced a similar situation just that in our case the guy looked v decent from above n below he showed his ***** by proving he was a bloody pervert **Hugs dear** U know wat they get by doing that?? Pleasure My Ass..@$#%$ Pervertic pleasure I guess..

  5. Hey hugs Garima! I can understand how it feels coz I have been through something similar when I was a school kid. It was as disgusting then as it would be now too! Eeeks… These saddists should beaten black and blue!

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