Travel update -Part 2

1. Enroute to Allepey my parents ,mil, brothers and babhis called us to convey their wishes. Our driver too wished us .

 2. The way to Allepey is via Cochin. We stopped in Cochin to visit a church. Hubby and I got down to offer our prayers. It was Sunday that day and there were some special prayers being offered. I felt so happy to be there on my special day. Suddenly we saw some hens in the church .We felt they were brought here to sacrifice and offer to God (though not sure of the right purpose). The sight itself made me sick and both of us felt puckish (I apologize to all my readers if my experience that I narrated here, had in any form hurt the religious feelings. It’s just that we are vegetarians and were scared to see any sort of animal sacrifice and blood)

3. We continued our drive and asked the driver to take us to some restaurant where we could have Kerela food. He took us to ‘Sarovaram’ hotel .The buffet lunch there was only 100 Rs/- per person but  the food was finger licking good.

4. Later in the evening we reached Allepey. It was hot and humid. We quickly took bath and headed towards the famous ‘Allepey Back Water’ .The site there was amazing with large number of lakes connected by the canals. We got into a motor boat and enjoyed the scenic beauty of Kerala. The water somewhere was narrow and then suddenly it spread across a wider area. Both sides were covered by coconut trees. At some places the water was spread at such a huge area that one could see only water everywhere and then suddenly we could see a village along the canal.

I am not getting exact words to describe the beauty of the place, I am not doing justice to the beauty  of the place  but believe me the place was heaven.

5. We came back from there and went straight to the Beach. We had plans to enjoy a lot there but unfortunately we couldn’t.

Reason: I was wearing a frock which was till the knee level. As soon as we reached there I jumped into the water and started playing, splashing water and making sand castle (at times, I behave like a kid).

Suddenly we realized a gang of boys came near us and started doing some stunts like throwing themselves in the high waves and passing some comments to us. I looked around and saw that women there were not enjoying, they were just sitting on the sand and watching their family having fun. We soon realized it would not be a good idea for me to play in the water that too wearing a frock. We returned back to the hotel little disappointed.

A small rant: When would this mindset change that even women need to enjoy and take a break from daily routine life? Why is that women are meant only to look after their family and watch their husband and kids enjoy?

6. Since it was 29th important day in my life we planned to visit a temple. Dressed in a saree and he in formals we headed towards a devi temple, offered our prayers and retuned back feeling contended.

7. Ordered dinner and went to snooze land (RM am using your word :-))

8. Next day morning we went to the hotel swimming pool. No no I don’t know to swim but I like water so much but then I am fattoo (loosely translated as coward) so I just got into the pool where water was just 4 feet deep  (a note to myself learn swimming)

9. Later after having the sad sa buffet breakfast at hotel we left for a place which we were looking forward to ‘House Boat’

10.Boat House was like a dream come true (actually my parents and bros had gone to Kashmir and enjoyed the boat house before I was born. They keep teasing me as how much they had. So this time it was my chance to tease them back *evil smile*).

We boarded the Boat house and off we went. It was approx. 22 hours journey.

//The schedule was:

Get into the boat at 12 PM. Sail in it till 1:30.Break for 1 ½ hour for lunch. Continue sailing till 5:30.Then your boat will be anchored till next day morning .At 8 in the morning we were to sail back and reach to shore by 9.//

11.In the house boat we were first given a welcome drink. The house boat was a 2 BHK accommodation with Air Condition Rooms.

The highlights of the boat were:

(i)Dinnning table,sofa,double bed

(ii)TV with DVD player with DVD’s having hindi movie too (one house boat even had Tata sky)

(iii)The restrooms with best bathroom accessories

(iv)Kitchen with clean platform and containers all neatly arranged.

(v)Lot of space to dry your clothes

12. Our chef served us lunch of rice,3 types of sabzi,curd,sweet papad,fuits and pickle. After overloading our tummies we simply sprawled on the sofa ad enjoyed the beauty.

13. At around 5 in the evening we were served with tea and potato wafers.Half an later our boat was anchored and we got down to take a walk in the rice filed.

14. A man was selling a sketch made out of paddy straw. We bought it and it is now adorning my living room. We watched a hindi movie and switched off the lights as the insects and flies started attacking us.We were served with dinner and I was surprised to see that they served north indian food roti,daal potato fry and tomato fry.

15. It was hot and we had to switch on the AC and slowly we drifted into deep sleep.

16. Morning we were served breakfast of idli,sambhar and chutney.And at around 9:30 we reached back the shore.

17. From there our drive drove us back to Cochin.Had lunch there and went to marine lines where we got to see some international ships.

18. We bought banana and jack fruit chips,sharkaraupperi, pickles and cashews. From there we went to the railway station and boarded the train.

This was our trip to Kerala, truly it’s ‘God’s own Country’.

Highlight of the trip:Food ,food and more food .

Suggestion/Appeal: Do visit Munnar but make sure not to litter polythene

Observation:Kerala is a beautiful place but recent construction and cutting off trees is spoiling the natural beauty. Government should restrict construction and commercialization.


14 thoughts on “Travel update -Part 2

  1. Belated wishes on your anniversary and visiting Kerela to celebrate is in itself a superb idea 😀
    From your description I can image how much you guys must have enjoyed 😀 😀
    Do post some pics Garima

  2. Yes yes will post the pics soon..
    hugs back to you 🙂
    howz comments on your blog are disappearing 😦

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