My 50th post and vacation update…

Hello Folks,

This is Garima reporting from my new office.Hope you guys still remember me 🙂

I came back from vacation or let’s say ‘A Dream Vacation’ on 2nd May. We had been to ‘God’s own Country’ to celebrate  our first wedding anniversary. There are so many updates to share, so much to say well I’ll do it bullets:

1.We left on Thursday 26th April and reached Cochin on 27th early morning. The driver came to receive us at the railway station. We asked him to take us to some hotel so that we could freshen up and stuff ourselves with breakfast. He took us to ‘Yuvarani Residency’ ,we booked  a room ,took bath and had yummy buffet breakfast comprising of idli,dosa,vada,sambhar,tomato  and coconut chutney, bitter gourd pickle, bread butter omelet, boiled egg,paratha,curd ,cut fruits, tea/coffee and juice.

2. We then headed towards the kings palace and from there we visited a temple. I was surprised to see people bursting bombs to offer it to God .

3. On the way to Munnar we stopped at a hotel and had authentic Kerala food of red rice, cabbage with coconut,curd,papad and  rasam served on a banana leaf.

4.Just before reaching our hotel we visited the ‘spice Garden’. We saw plants of common herbs used in our day to day life. We also brought some freshly picked whole spices. There were two wonderful Tress houses and we spent some time there.There was a swing tied to the top most tree branch. As I went there to take a swing ,I had a great fall from there and banged my head hard on the mud. For a minute I was so lost and could not understand what exactly had happened. Everyone came running to me and  one of the lady from South Africa offered me some sweet so as to avoid the vomiting sensation.The sweet did really helped a lot and I thanked the lady. There was a elephant ride too but we dint take that.(reason in another post)

5.We reached Munnar at around 4 in the evening and checked in our hotel ‘Tea Castle’. After freshening up we left to watch the Kerala folk dance ‘Katthakali’ and later watched traditional form of ‘Martial Arts’.It was 7:00PM and we decided to return back to our hotel. It was cold and heavy fog and the driver had to switch on the parking lights to enable him to find way.

6. Reached hotel and directly went to dining hall and ordered dinner. We had roti,paneer and veg pulav. After heavy dinner we retired for the day.

7.Got up at 6:30 in the morning and went for  a walk. We surrendered ourselves to the nature .We could only see green everywhere…it looked like mother earth was covered with green carpet. We saw Tea Gardens all of them owned by the Tatas’.

8. Came back to hotel, took bath. It was so cold there that we had to take bath with hot water 🙂 From there we headed straight to the dinning hall and had buffet breakfast .The menu consisted of idli,dosa,vada,sambhar,tomato  and coconut chutney, bread butter omelet, boiled egg,puddu (kerala dish of rice powder and coconut powder) with black chana sabzi, tea/coffee and juice.

9.We left for sight-seeing and our diver took us to a resort where we booked for massage.I opted for head and face massage and hubby opted for full body massage.

10.We later reached  ‘Rajamalai hill’. The forest van took us to a particular point some 1700 mts above the sea level and from there we had to go up the hill by walk. The hill top was covered with clouds. I was so excited to feel the clouds around me .We got wet as we made our way through the clouds and then it started to rain. It was cold and we could see only two colors from there green of the tea garden and white smoky appearance of the clouds. It was bliss and truly a paradise on earth.

11.We came down and boarded the forest bus to get back to the base point. From there we went to see a dam which was built by the British people. There we enjoyed pedal boat but refused the camel ride that was offered (again the reason in another post).

12. Came back and got the massage done. Well honestly the massage was not that good as we had expected .

13. Came back to the hotel ,had dinner and retired for the day.

14.Next day ie.on 29th April* post breakfast (the menu was same just the puddu and black chana was replaced by poori sabzi)we left for Allepey.

*29th April was the D-Day,the day we completed 1 year of our married life.

(To be continued)


18 thoughts on “My 50th post and vacation update…

  1. Congrats on your 50th post 🙂
    Sounds like a nice vacation. I have never been to Kerala. But it is certainly on my “places to visit” list 🙂 and your post makes me want to go there soon 🙂

  2. a perfect post to mark it as 50th.. 🙂 Congratulations..
    holiday at Kerala is a dream for me too just to see that green bed of mother earth.. woww you were in middle of clouds.. amazing.. looks like you had a lovely vacation.. waiting to read the next part..

    • Thank you Ani..It was a wonderful sight from the hill top and in the midst of clouds…try and visit Kerala you are sure to fall in love with that place 🙂

  3. Hey Garima, I totally forgot that your anniversary was on my sister’s birthday. Anyway, lottts of good wishes for many more decades of togetherness 😀

    I’m glad you had a great vacation 😀

  4. Happy Anniversary! Wow! You did Munnar, Alleppey – all kerala trip is it? Im sooo J!

    Been to Munnar and Thekkady too – and I can recollect those cloud covered roads and the biting cold i nthe nights! 🙂

    Where is the rest of the story? 🙂

  5. Happy Anniversary!! 😀
    And Congrats on the 50th post!! Yayyy!!!!
    Holiday in Kerala is awesome!!!!!we don’t have to go to some special place..wherever we go its will just green and refreshing!!!
    Waiting for next part!! 😀

  6. congrats on ur 50th post derie!! welcome back!! wow that sounds like a real dream vacation of Kerala.. I had been to Alleppey, amazing place, houseboats.. I even travelled in the local buses, the experience was v nice!!

    Feeling J as I cudnt go aywhere for my 1st Anniv.. 😥

    Congarts on ur Anniv n yeay on the Vacation!!

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