Friendship sees no boundary…

We come across several people in our life. Some stay for a while and then move out .Some stay with us but the moment either of us shift places it becomes a ‘out of sight,out of mind’ phase. Some stay with us only if they think we can be of some use to them.
But then there is one more category which in true sense are BFF.
People usually say make friends from same class(financial) and state ( caste) so that its easy to understand one another.
I was campus recruited and so when I first came to Bangalore I was surrounded by friends from my place itself.
After 2 months of training we were put into different projects and that’s when I got paranoid of leaving my friends behind and mixing up with new people who were not from my place with different cultural backgrounds ,different eating habits ,in short poles apart.
In my new project there were 3 more girls besides me. One of them konkani,other telegite and third one a kannadiga from Mangalore. I took some time to mix up with them. But then soon all of us became thick pals.
After a year or so I changed my project and was again midst of new people with a girl from Orissa. Again I made friendship with this girl but when I moved out of the organization we lost all the contact.
As of now I have kinda lost the contact with all my friends from my hometown who joined the company with me and also the people with whom I have worked with.
But there is only this girl from Mangalore (DS)with whom I am in touch with even now. She is not from my place ,different states ,culture in short not similar in any way except that she can speak Hindi πŸ™‚
I remember in 2010 on my birthday we (me and DS) went to Shiva temple near HAL, had dinner and since it was getting late my hubby then my fiance staying in Mumbai requested DS to accompany me to my hostel and to stay with me as he dint want me to be alone on my birthday. And this girl came with me and stayed overnight. It was a big deal for her as she had never spent a night any where other than her own home. I was overwhelmed by her gesture.
She was the one who accompanied us (me and my better half) on our shopping spree for selecting our engagement outfits. She suggested me the shop from where I could buy matching jewelery for my saree and also helped me select one (as I am hopeless in this field).
Even for my wedding preparations she spent a whole day in selecting the best salwar suits for me. She did play a role of a sister and helped me. Only glitch she dint come for my wedding 😦 though I understand it would have been difficult for her to come so far.
And then there was a time when she suddenly disappeared. She would not receive my calls nor would reply to my messages. One day I called her from my hubby’s cellphone and that being an unknown number she picked up but as soon as she heard my voice she disconnected stating that she was busy. I was worried for her but somewhere I was angry too for her weird behavior.
After many days she called me and shared with me the reason which made her cut off with everyone and how she wanted some privacy. I respected her decision and later we met at a mall and had a good time.
We are still in touch with each other though even after inviting her to my place for some million times in a span of one year she has yet not been able to find time to come πŸ™‚
I shamelessly asked her for a birthday treat ( I just wanted to meet her and spent time with her,I know she is feeling lonely,I wanted to be with her on her birthday and to help her as much as I can) when I wished her and it is still pending(DS are you listening, I know you read my blogs :-)) but I know that’s because of not so ‘good time’ that she is facing both professionally and personally hence she is in no mood to meet people. There is a saying in Hindi/Punjabi , β€œMan changa to sab changa” meaning β€œIf mind is happy is then everything appears happy”.I hope she gets her happiness real soon.
Even today I mailed her to ask where I could get a ready-made blouse for the saree that I want to wear for my upcoming 1st wedding anniversary and she readily helped me πŸ™‚
I sincerely pray to God to grant her wish soon,I so want to see her in her chirpy mood again.
3 cheers to our friendship and may it grow even more deeper as the days pass.
I wish I could do more than writing this post for you DS.


16 thoughts on “Friendship sees no boundary…

  1. glad you got such a nice friend who is ready to help you.. πŸ™‚ Wishing your friend to come out of her problems sooner and wishing you both to reconvene very soon.. hugs garima

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