Life is Bliss..

 Am really enjoying these days,mum dad are here.I have coined a phrase ‘Dear don’t fear mum is hear’ 🙂

I am getting pampered to no end. Breakfast,lunch and dinner is served as if I am a queen.Aah the comfort that only parents can give. I am reaching home early these days and the mum is ready with some snacks and hot ginger tea.

Morning milk comes and gets boiled,courtesy dad.Breakfast cooked,lunch packed magically while I still lay in bed. My mum is spoiling me big time but I am enjoying every bit of it 😉 How our parents look after us even at this age when we ourselves are in a age to have kids….sigh.

The luxury of being with parents cannot be replaced by anyone because others would never step into our shoes to understand how difficult it is to handle both home and office. Its only mom who would understand because she has always treated her daughter as princess and now she cannot see her struggling to manage both home and office.How I wonder if someone else could do the same for us but then…

I keep telling her to not do all the cooking herself as she may get tired but she gives me excuse saying that at home she anyways cooks for two people (dad and herself) and so cooking for one more person (thats me) is not going to make her tired. Well I remain speechless in such cases.I know some women who thinks they are treated as servants if they cook for even one person extra (especially for dil),its so sad and breaks my heart 😦

My house is sparkling clean these days with dad cleaning all window panes and mum scrubbing and making my kitchen counter and gas stove shine. She also got rid of all the cockroaches in the kitchen and my house is now free of all sorts of roaches. She made ghee with the cream in the fridge while I just sat back and gossiped with dad.

Last week when I got up to get ready for office ,my mum had already packed up lunch with roti,rice,daal and stuffed brinjal. Its was first time after my marriage that I took 4 dishes (complete lunch) to office. It had never happened earlier.

My parents were like Santa Claus when they came all loaded with gifts and sweets.

1.Box of kaju katli

2.Assorted box of sweets

3.Tomato and laung sev

4.Packet of almonds

5.Home made snacks

6.Gold pendant

7.Silver tumbler

8.Idli pot

9.Pickles (mango,red chilies and lemon)

10.Home made mouth freshener of sweet amla

11.3 set of bracelets

Friday we went to hospital as my mum is having some sensation in her right hand fingers all the time(something like when we press/tie our fingers tightly and then leave it so due to blood flow being hampered it causes some sensation).We met a neuro physician there and he said a nerve in the palm is the culprit which is causing this problem. Because of this mum is not able to pick things using her right hand but still she wants to do all the cooking and take care of dad and me.

Saturday we went to Malleshwaram and got our hands heena painted. I was surprised the way the mehndi artist bargain. On one side I thought to apply mehndi on my own but I was too lazy to hunt for some good designs. The guy there said 75 rs/- per hand and we bargained and brought it down to 50/- :-)So my two palms and mum’s one palm got decorated in 150 rs/- with a small tattoo type design for dad for free 🙂

We visited some temples had dinner of roti ,green peas and veg fried rice. My mum bought a cute pair of slippers for my niece and some more random stuffs to carry back home.

Sunday we celebrated ‘gangaur’ ,festival for married women for long life of there husbands ,something like karva chauth sans the fast.(why no fasts/pooja for husbands for long life of their wives?)

My cousins came over and we had a great time .Did pooja and had lunch obviously all prepared by mum.

Another one week and then my parents would return back to their hometown.The thought itself is making me depressed


One request to all my readers based out of Bangalore.If incase any one of you know railway agents who gives confirm reservation tickets,kindly let me know at the earliest.


18 thoughts on “Life is Bliss..

  1. Hi Garima, Commenting for the first time though I have been reading you for sometime now 🙂
    Having parents around is a bliss, isn’t it? I could relate to every bit you wrote about having them around 🙂 though now when they are here their grand daughter gets more preference in princess treatment than me 🙂
    Enjoy your time with them 🙂

  2. This is nothing but pure Bliss!! *Touchwood* I agree with you that parents dont get tired helphing her daughter in anyways be it cooking, cleaning or even feeding at any age!1 I sometimes wonder If I really will turn out to be like my mom? Just enjoy ur time and have a great time!!
    Sorry dear I only book tickets from IRCTC so o idea!!

    • You spoke my thoughts..even I feel I might not be able to become best of a parent the way I am blessed with such lovely parents..when I told my mom about my this fear,she just told me wait till you have a kid the the kid would become the world for you….Hey chill nothing to be sorry re..I got the agent;s number 🙂

  3. indeed parents are a blissssssss

    Rabb Russ Jaawe
    BaadShahiyan Russ Jaandiyan
    Guru Russ Jaawe
    Vadeyian Russ Jaandiya
    Maape Russ Jaawan
    Khudayian Russ Jaandiyan

    Maapeyan Da Dil Na Dukhaeo Sohneo
    Labhi Hoyi Cheez Na Gawaeo Sohneo

    • Hey Bikram thank you for the beautiful lines..I dont understand punjabi but my mom read and she could understand a bit of it..especially the last two lines.
      Those lines really touched me….thank you so much.

      One request could you please me understand the first few lines..

      • Rabb Russ Jaawe (if god gets upset )
        BaadShahiyan Russ Jaandiyan (Empires get upset)

        Guru Russ Jaawe (if teacher gets upset)
        Vadeyian Russ Jaandiya (praises get upset)

        Maape Russ Jaawan (Maape- Parents get upset)
        Khudayian Russ Jaandiyan (Khudaiyaan- KHUDA- GOD gets upset)

        In context to the person 🙂

  4. WoW! I can totally understand the wonderful feeling being with parents after marriage brings 😀
    Hope your mum’s hand gets better soon 🙂
    Have a wonderful time 🙂

  5. Yeah am enjoying a lot with them
    My mum had to undergo some tests for 4 limbs and the report says that the right hand nerve is compresses.
    Doc appoitment is today evening…he might suggest medicnes and some physiotherapy for may be some minor surgery…thank you so much for asking about my mum’s well being.It means a lot.

  6. Wow! Mom and Dad with you makes you a princess for sure 😀 Mehendi and festival with cousins – wow! Sounds too good and to top it off Mom’s food… Enjoy girl!
    By the way, when is hubby back? 😀

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