On Friday afternoon I suddenly felt like having noodles. Messaged hubby and he agreed. I reached home and called SS and Seema to invite for bloggers meet at my home on Sunday.SS agreed immediately but I couldn’t reach Seema and messaged her to pass me RS’s number (sorry dear somehow I had missed your number 😦 )

So left for dinner at Beijing Bites and had dragon rolls,Singaporean noodles,veg fried rice and veg balls in garlic sauce.

Later we went for a drive and headed towards Brigade Road,well this was a big mistake. Namma Bengaluru is not a right place to wander off at any time after 9:00 PM.

The brigade road was occupied by beggars and rich but crack headed drunkards. These people were throwing currency notes and all the beggars were fighting and shouting to collect the notes. What surprised me was if a male beggar would try to pick the note the rich drunkard would yell at him and would allow only female beggars to come near him,touch him and then he would give them a note.

One particular drunkard was luring a girl of about 10 years with a note. No idea what were his intention and I prayed that girl might be safe.

Since it was getting late we quickly rushed to McDonald and grabbed a coke float each,we hurriedly gulped it down and left the place. Reached home and slept.

Saturday morning I spoke to Seema regarding the blogger meet .She said she was fine if RS could also join us ,so that we could get to meet everyone. Took RS’s cell number and messaged her. She said she had to attend a pooja at her aunt’s place. Called and informed Seema and she decided we could meet some other time. Informed the same to SS who was all set to come.

Sorry guys the end time planning dint work,next time I’ll inform in advance.

At present my refrigerator is loaded with 2 bottles of Pepsi,maza and appy and raw ingredients to cook some dishes which I bought for the bloggers and have no idea what to do with it 😦

Saturday evening we went to Sanky Tank and then later to Mantri Mall. Came back home and slept.

Sunday too was spent in lazying around and in the evening went to titan Store to get 5 watches repaired. The lady behind the counter smiled at us seeing 5 watches but she dint say anything 🙂

Came home and slept.

On other note I am just a mediocre in English language but still would like to share this mail which I got from one of my colleague:

Hi All,

Tirupati Prasadam @ my desk please contribute your selves.



I was wondering what was that we were to contribute for ourselves but stayed quite, just went and took the prasad 🙂

I was discussing the brigade road scene with my teammate. She told me since she had to catch a KSRTC bus for her home town so she and her husband were there at MG Road at around 11 in the night. They saw couple of girls boozing and smoking and few of them were dancing on the road itself and by looks it appeared that they were north Indians.

She also added that most of the northindian girls are ‘characterless’ and are ‘spoilt’.Well and she said this to me a ‘North Indian’ girl.

Silence from my side not knowing how to make her change her mindset. Just diverted the discussion and as usual she took the discussion on to her favorite topic ‘Bitching about Mil’ .


10 thoughts on “Random!!!!

  1. I m first I m first!! 🙂 Yippie
    I am not very sure why people generalize their statements..?? Agreed everyone has an opinion but can be controlled… I m sure u avoided to argue on her childish comments…

    BTW Did u contribute to the Tirupati Prasadam?? LOL
    Hv a great week ahead!!

    • yayyaya you are first 🙂
      Yeah I just ignored her senetence…
      yes I did contribute (had) prasad:-)

      you too have a great week…
      (wow all sentences began with ‘y’)

  2. generalized statements are best to be ignored… I have heard all about north and south but in my experience I have seen good people, bad people, smart, mean, caring etc and they come from all the places…

    so ignore and don’t give her comment any importance…

    but I am shocked to hear about brigade road (drunkards and beggars)…I have never been out after 9 (just roaming/strolling)…darkness in India scares me too much..

    • Yes I did ignore her statement its her ignorance thats making her say this.She has never been to north and hence not witnessed anything in person.She thinks this coz that is how its been portrayed in movies.

      Yes there is no concept of night life in our country except place like Mumbai and Bangalore sleeps at 9:00 PM

  3. The scene on the road is very disturbing
    Am glad you enjoyed the food on Friday 😀
    Don’t stress about the generalized remarks
    😆 @ contribute yourself

  4. Hey! So soooo sorry! Couldnt make it this weekend 😦 But this plan was already made more than a week ago and weekends are also the only time to catch up with family and all my cousins would have screamed at me left and right if I hadnt gone that day…

    We will definitely make it the next time around… and I will let you know in advance about any of my weekend plans ok?

    And about the NI/SI – just ignore it… being in Blore I hear about Blore girls being like this and like that and not suitable for marriage etc etc on my face! I have tried to argue and then given up…

  5. 9686578787

    Arrre RS why are you saying sorry?I felt bad of intimating you girls at the last moment 😦
    This weekend am home alone hubby is travelling to his native.Probably we can meet next month,ok?

    Whats wrong with banglorean girls?I have couple of bangaloreans as my freinds and they are equally good.People are crazy.I have seen some SI boys marrying NI girls and still they talk ill of us.

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