Irritated,cranky and what not..yes thats ‘ME’

These days mornings have become too hot,indication of summer slowly setting in and I am not liking it a bit. Though I am a summer born but I enjoy winters and HATE summers. Its sweaty ,dehydrating ,dry and searching for Auto/bus in such climate is a pain. I get cranky for no reason,look dull and am always in irritating mood.

I am going through a phase where everything is going wrong or better to say nothing is going as expected. Ofcourse am not in good mood and simply ranting here to bring out my frustration,kindly bear with me.

On professional front things are really not going as expected. If we plot a graph the ‘actual curve’ would be no where in proximity of the ‘expected curve’.Worst part is,this issue is continuing from last year and I have reached the saturation point. I really got pissed off when I so close of getting the issue sorted out but still nothing is yet finalized and I feel it has already slipped out of hand 😦 (I so hope this feeling might prove to be wrong and I may get to hear something positive)

Both hubby and I had planned to visit our respective hometowns in March. But it seems he will not be able to make it. When I informed this to my parents they asked me too not to come as he (hubby)will be alone.

Can you believe they are the same parents who would miss me so badly and would ask me to come down in every 3 months. If at all I was not able to go they would land up in Banaglore. And now they say don’t come your husband will be alone. Needless to say I was angry with them. I know I sound childish but my current state of mind is such that anything that goes against my will is making me upset. And for some reason everything is going against me 😦

Also my manager has not yet approved the leaves. I have to now convince two people (i)my manager to approve leaves (ii)my parents to let me come home.

Since yesterday I am into documenting some boring project related stuff ..This is something that I hate to do. Also there seems to be some problem with the AC and this heat has increased my level of irritation by manifolds.


Documentation work+Heat(no AC)=Cranky Garima


To add on to this my mobile is running out off charge. And out of all 365 days I chose to leave my charger at home ‘today’.

My cell phone is my lifeline ,not that anyone calls me or misses me (yeah thats a sad part) but still I want my phone with me ALL the time. Peple around me have Nokia chargers but no one has samsung. The simple reason people, unlike me are not dumb to buy a Samsung smart phone and use it like a normal phone. They buy a normal phone and use it normally!

And just a couple of minutes back out of the blue my friend called me and I told her to disconnect the call as my cell is not charged :-(WTH out of all the days why has she to call me today only? But then she at least called me ,God bless this girl.

Today morning I got up to make cauliflower ka sabzi (or in Tammu’s words gobhiflower) only to see green colored thing moving in and around of it. What a way to start a day ,dumped it in dustbin and stood helplessly not knowing what to cook next. I actually plan my cooking menu for lunch/dinner a day in advance. So this sudden change made me irritated. But humble potato and tomato (as described by RM in her stories) along with green peas came to my rescue πŸ™‚

Now just as I typing this I receive a mail from my manager thanking me for the document .Manager thanking ME,something is not right. I read the mail further with fingers crossed and then saw β€œcould you please convert this document from ..doc form to spread sheet for better readability and maintainability”.

I hate rework 😦

But remember beggars are not choosers and since I have no other option let me import everything from .doc to . Xls

Wishing you all a happy summer have loads of cold drinks ,milkshakes ,ice creams and have a blast!


18 thoughts on “Irritated,cranky and what not..yes thats ‘ME’

  1. Sweety, first of all tight tight hugs.. I am sorry to say this but I find this cranky garima sooo cute πŸ™‚
    Out of 365 days why I left my charger today, why my friend called today- these sentences made me laugh.. and the heat work equation you wrote is sooo cute πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ sorry sorry..
    Don’t worry darling, take a break, don’t cook today, buy food and a nice movie at something which calms you down. I am sure everything will be fine soon and fall in place. Now Smile pleaseeeeeeeee… Hugs Hugs and more hugs!

    • Gah to you SS for finding me cute when I am at worst of my mood…
      Arre what dont cook from past 3 weeks every friday we are eating out 😦
      Thanks dear for the hugs.Btw your comment actually made me smile πŸ™‚

  2. good one SS I second SS that I also found this cranky Garima very cute!! Ok now dont jump on us.. Some tips to cool down
    On a serious note, yes the summer is set in and so is the sweat n frustration.. If possible leave early to offc for a change so that u can rech home soon…
    Some tips- Get together n gossip abt ur colleagues n hv fun.., just give the auto driver a smile when he refuses to come along,Let ur hubby cook n u relax.. he he Tight hugs to u dear.. soon things will fall in place..

  3. Gah to you too..the day we meet I am gonna spank you big time for finding me cute when my mood is so sour…Shall I tell you someting everyday hubby helps me in cooking yaar.that is part of routine may be I can try the other tips…Thanks dear for the tips and hugs πŸ™‚

  4. hugs garima.. the much needed one at this time.. hope the weekend ahead will put things back in place for you..
    ***preen alert***
    hey you have a samsung smart phone? me too me too.. what version do you have? I own a galaxy s2 πŸ™‚
    come next week your issue is going to be solved, manager is going to appreciate you for solving the issue, hubby might agree to travel with you to parent’s place or amma might call you and say “why don’t you come over by yourself. we are missing you”, your phone is going to be full of charge and you talk with your friend for hours… okie?
    now smile please and have a relaxing weekend.. πŸ™‚

    • Aww Ani you are such a darling..thankyou so much for the wonderful wishes.
      Yes I have Samsung PoP ,android version 2.1(this info is true to the best of my knowledge,I am techincally challenged )

  5. Well your post title said a lot about ME πŸ™„ πŸ™„ so I am actually not left with any choices of leg pulling πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰
    Jokes apart, I hope things get better and favorable for you soon
    Hugs dear πŸ˜€

  6. Arey Yaar! Ite real crappy when you have to do documentation work and on top of that – re-do it! Why didnt he tell you before only to do it in Excel? hmmppphh!
    Yes, I can understand the irritation that comes out of changing plans – especially early morning cooking.
    Oh! The Son–in-law is definitely very very important lady! Even I fight with my parents even to this day about giving him more importance than me! So this will be an ongoing complaint – chill!

    HUGS to you. Hopefully it will be a better evening πŸ™‚ and a great day tomorrow…

    • Once he saw the the doc it then clicked to him that a it would be better if we had it in matrix form,hence rework 😦
      So tru na son inlaws rules getting used to it.

      Sorry for replying late to your comment,just saw it now.

  7. Aww babes I think I should have written ‘myself’ instead of ‘ME’ because ME(my era) is very adorable and sweet πŸ™‚
    Thank you so much dear for the lovely wish and hugs πŸ™‚

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